IM/96 (c) and B/B6

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asked on Jan 11, 2017 at 06:17
by   Ann Shi
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My boyfriend, mid 30's, from Taiwan (family business) with legal and valid document including return air ticket came to Malaysia to meet up with my family to discuss and make arrangement & choose date for our wedding. We seek advise from Taipei Embassy in Malaysia to extend his 30 days visit visa as there is not enough time. But they told us we can't. All we need to do is to fly out of Malaysia & re-enter then he'll get fresh 30 days.

We booked our pre-wedding photo shooting on last year November (our anniversary) and my birthday is in September. So he arrived in September. We flew out of the country in October to buy our wedding gown. November we flew to Bali for the shooting. But the day when we came back from Bali, he was stuck at the KLIA2. The officer only asked him to wait inside. And we didn't know what's wrong. The Immigration says he has entered Malaysia 3 times in 3 month and it was against the system even though the did not overstay. They deported him back to Bali. They didn't even allow him to use his already pre-booked air ticket for direct flight back to Taiwan. According to them, he has to go back to the Bali where he came from then from Bali fly to Taiwan. Behind his passport they stamp IM/96 (c) and B/B6.

I would appreciate if anyone could help advise:
1. Can he still come to Malaysia?
2. We were supposed to go Japan to register our marriage after we came back from Bali. But now he can't enter Malaysia, how can we proceed to register our marriage if he can't come to Malaysia?
3. Where should we appeal & how to go about it?

We felt helpless. We choose to register here and not Taiwan because his parents are against our marriage as I'm divorcee with kids. I can't leave Malaysia at the moment as I'm working here and I have my own commitment to settle before moving to Taiwan. Due to age we plan to have kids now, that's why we have to be legally married now instead of later. 

I sincerely hope someone could advise us. Thank you and good day!
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