Discrepancy in payment 'Hasil Tanah' from previous owner which was overlooked by lawyers

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asked on Jan 4, 2017 at 19:50
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by   umuniyandi
I bought house last year from previous owner where signed S&P on 31st May 2016 at Petaling Jaya 46000. We received all related documents and key on November. Then after i went to TNB, Syabas, MPBJ, Indah water to change name from previous owner to myself with copy of S&P and other related documents. 

November 2016
Lastly i came Hasi tanah where the SUK(Selangor Land office) representative said there is outstanding of RM2K+ where the grant all changed to my name. When I spoke to the SUK representative I did show her the copy of paid with 0 balance; the representative advise she notice the account number is differ but she advise give 2 weeks to check. 

3 Jan 2017
After 4 weeks i called the SUK and spoke to the representative and she checked thoroughly and confirmed (in written email) that the tenant never paid the tax since year 2000. The copy of paid form is meant with different account number, 'hakmilik' & lot. The SUK representative also advise when there is outstanding the change of name should not happen from previous owner to new owner. But in my case its changed to my name with outstanding. 

4 Jan 2017
When we check with our lawyer she just forward the email which i sent from SUK to the previous owner lawyer and we are just in loop. 

I can see the negligence from our lawyer how does this can be overlooked as we paid fully for the lawyer fee. 
Is there any way i can expedite on this to ensure the previous owner settle the payment? 
Is there anyway i can file case against my lawyer for her negligence causing us this trouble?
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answered on Jan 5, 2017 at 01:36
Is there anyway i can file case against my lawyer for her negligence causing us this trouble?

You can sue the lawyer.
Unfortunately, another lawyer may charge you RM 10k+ to sue that lawyer, which is much more than the RM 2k in dispute.
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