What to do if you overstayed in Malaysia

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asked on Jan 3, 2017 at 14:45
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Attention to those who have Overstay in Malaysia

Surrender to Immigration is the ONLY Solution:

1. Bring the passport that you have used to come into Malaysia.

2. For those who have "lost" their passport, go get new Temporary Passport from your Embassy in Malaysia.

3. For "lost" passports and unable to proof with documents the actual date of entry into Malaysia, be prepared for higher fines and longer ban period of re-entry.
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answered on Sep 21, 2018 at 22:05
@ Aghata

Answers to your Qs'
1.  That is what I have been telling you people all the time. Go seek help and for latest info from your Embassy. Why don't you all just step into your Embassy first.??  I keep telling people to read backwards my past postings in this thread and those on  NTLs.. for the past one year. The answers you are seeking now is all inside all those discussions. I have send back many without Jail Term imposed on them. Understand what I post and you will understand what IMI dept will do in the next few months. The very  Basic  expatriation has never changed..!!

2.  Laws have been broken.. there has to be punishment. Why didn't you take the Amnesty and go back before 30/08/2018.?

3.  The answer is in (1) above.

4.  This typhoon will only blow over once most of those illegals are blown back to their countries. I have never stated that IMI will not open doors for discussions. But it is not you or me that can open those doors. Only your Embassy can  open..

"Chill a little and see if there’s going to be any changes" 
This is a very lupid move. What if there are no changes? I do not forsee any major changes, just more and more harsh punishments for longer overstay. What if get caught while walking out to buy groceries, food? Why hide like a criminal or fugitive? Not stressful?

but arresting overstayers who visit immigrations and want to go home and willing to pay their dues/fines in extreme! 
What is more extreme?. The Amnesty has been on for 2 1/2 years, why you did not leave before 30/08/2018?

Since you are not working now, read what I have written for the past 1 year, then  you  tell  me  how you can go home without the possible  Jail Term..
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answered on Sep 21, 2018 at 22:45

To anyone who will read this and is considering surrender or to go talk to immigration, it's a bad idea right now!! listen to Jeff, he is 100% right based on what I've been reading online. He is pretty much the top expert on this subject, he seems always up to date and well informed and contributes on this forum a LOT!! Take his advice seriously! I can't believe the amount of information he has put in this thread/forum and the number of people he has helped. We all owe him big thanks so THANK YOU JEFF.

Now to my point.

I was wondering about something. Why it is called OPS MEGA 3.0 
A quick Google search revealed that there's a OPS MEGA 2.0 before the 3.0 

Here's a quick timeline of what I found. 
There was a 3+1 in 2017 supposed to end December 31st 2017...  It also seems there were a lot of articles about "No further extension for Immigration's 3+1 program after Dec 31"

3+1 ended on December 31st 2017... OPS MEGA 2.0 started and immigration went after illegals. 

Then 3+1 came back along with something called re-hiring. 

Then 3+1 Ended on August 31st. 
Now we have OPS MEGA 3.0


I've been reading on this thread but can't find information about OPS MEGA 2.0 
I am wondering how long it lasted. So far can't find any information. 

I am not trying to give people hope that they will have another 3+1, I think it's possible maybe they will have a similar program or something but that's not the point. 

The point is that right now the last thing you want is to surrender to immigration. Right now they are going 100% after all illegals... I am sure the detention centers are full right now with all the arrests every day by the 100's... It will not be pleasant to be taken to a detention center, and more people there will mean a lot more paper work to do and cases to deal with so you might end up detained for a long time. 

The best thing to do right now is wait a little, hopefully things will calm down soon and hope that there will be a way to surrender and go home with dignity and without facing what Jeff accurately called a category 10 typhoon! 

P.S I'm not an expert, I'm just giving my opinion based on the things I have been reading, the advice I have been given, and the the posts I read on this forum so far.
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answered on Sep 21, 2018 at 22:52
After this OPS 3 a lot of people will want to go and missed a chance with amnesty programs like 3+1
You are saying if there is no ferocity in this Typhoon, you would not have decided to go back right? So you illegals have been taking IMI are joking and are fools right?

OPS Mega 3.0 started on midnight 30/06, two and a half months have passed, yet people don't know? Funny..!!

OPS Mega 3.0 have been announced in 4 Major newspapers and in 4 languages plus online News Media namely Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English. There is no excuse people do not know English or their local employers do not know one of the 4 languages..!!

Any more excuses you can tender??

Ask your embassy for ETC emergency travelling Certificate or exit pass or whatever.  
For some, this is a very dangerous option. For a ETC to be issued, one must make a polis repot on loss of passport, how do go into a Polis Station now? I have posted the perils of using ETC. Now the situation is slightly more serious. How can you prove that you have entered Malaysia Legally before? People came in by Jungle path or yellow submarine?

The Amnesty is no questions asked.. now is over. 
For lost of passport, the bearer name will be in Interpol and ASEANAPOL records now.
It is compulsory to avoid  "recycling"  of stolen passports for use by the Human Trafficking Syndicates and International Security Controls. Did you read so many were caught using Fake Malaysian Passports and other countries' passports. Nearly every week there are cases reported.

For some people there is no issue.. I have learned my lesson. I will stay put inside my country. But what about young educated adults like you who wants to visit this beeg beeg world for experiences and knowledge? Just be mindful of your next course of action.

Logic vs No Logic.
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answered on Sep 21, 2018 at 22:55

I just realized that you answered 6 minutes after my last post..WOW!! You are fast. So this confirms what I said on my last post. I thank you indeed. 

I was still writing another post with extra details (before reading your post) so there's a little confusion.

If you read my last answer is will clarify a lot of things, like why I think wait a little is not a bad idea because of crammed detention centers and longer wait to be processed etc.. I also added a P.S that it's just an opinion and that I am not an expert at all, you are the expert. 

So please read that post, it will clarify why I did not use the 3+1 and other things. Let me know your thoughts and opinion. 

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answered on Sep 21, 2018 at 23:07
The point is that right now the last thing you want is to surrender to immigration.

Wrong.. !!

My point is to surrender  ASAP  with the HELP  of your Embassy..!!  The longer you remain here, the danger of being caught is increasing daily..

Vigilante Groups  like the CMM  are already very active in locating illegals and their employers. There are about at least more than 10 private groups. Rewards have been offered to point out locations and successful raids.

I personally support some movements, but I do not condone some of their actions which is actually breaking Laws of Malaysia.
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answered on Sep 21, 2018 at 23:09
It feels like there's a bit of miscommunication here Jeff... I have respect for the law, for immigration, and for you most of all. 

You did not see the message where I said I never heard of 3+1 (explained on that message) because I was still writing it, you replied 6 minutes after my last post... and I missed that last message of yours because it was posted while I was writing the latest one. 

I do not take immigration for fools at all.  I was only saying that right now there's a category 10 typhoon (using your words) and things are a bit too extreme. To the point I cannot even go to Immigration just for a talk without being arrested. 

I was just giving an my opinion as non expert (clearly stated) on the subject, and was asking for your thoughts and opinions as an expert. 

I have a lot of respect for what you are doing here but it seems like you got a little angry. 

Just trying to help myself and the people that will read this that are in the same situation. Not everybody who overstays is a uneducated illegal worker without respect for the law or anything. I am sure you deal with a lot of them so I can understand your frustration.

I agree with what you said about going to the embassy and I asked you some questions about that, about having a representative etc...
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answered on Sep 21, 2018 at 23:17
surrender  ASAP  with the HELP  of your Embassy..!!  The longer you remain here, the danger of being caught is increasing daily.. 

Do you think with the help of my embassy there will be no jail?... How do they do it? Do they send someone with me or contact the immigration on my behalf? With all this talk of arrest, fo you think getting the embassy involved will make it less likely that they will arrest me if I just go surrender? I am sure you helped a lot of people during non amnesty situations.

I am not sure about the process. Like you said, you helped countless people go home without jail, and I did write a whole paragraph thanking you for all the work you did here and the people you helped.

I just want to be one of those people you help if that's not too much to ask, want to go home ASAP and hoping for you help. 

Just thought that @Skibby's advice made sense... 
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answered on Sep 21, 2018 at 23:23
I get your point about the advice of waiting... It might give the wrong idea to people. I for one would rather surrender ASAP I even asked about the embassy thing, just wanting to know your opinion.

I know I asked a lot of questions and made some assumption but can you answer this one I posted at 21:35 (a little over an hour ago)

Can you tell me more about this subject? The moment if they issue one "out-pass" for exit, the Embassy have acknowledge their liability to send the defaulter home.   

It gives me some hope! I am sure I can get exit docs and help from my embassy. Will that make immigration maybe make my repatriation less of a nightmare? 
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answered on Sep 22, 2018 at 00:48
edited Sep 22, 2018 at 00:55
by   jeff005
@ Aghata

No.. I am not angry. If am, I would not have reply further.
It is just my way of jerking people off to read and understand MAL IMI Laws, so that when you have gone home safely, you can create awareness and knowledge to others.

The very starting of this thread I have stated.
1. You need to have your original passport that you have come into Malaysia. Inside, you would have the  "Entry " stamp. This stamp can be your  "Get Out of Jail" free stamp as in Malaysian IMI Monopoly..!!

2.  Seek the help and latest Info from your Embassy. Just get inside your Embassy.. That's all.

3.  For people who have overstay, the legal way is to exit legally.

Still I ask you to read backwards again, then you will understand better what I will write tomorrow.

You still have your original passport right?, never loose it or give it to  anybody, even to me. It is your timelife here.

"Out-pass" or ETC or whatever your Embassy call it is for those who have lost their passports.

What you need is a  "Exit Doc"  issued by your Embassy.

Read here..

But I doubt the other Embassies of Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal. Mynamar, India Pakistan will do that. But a young female student of 23, who also overstay quite long under Student Pass, i think Embassy Officers accompanied her to IMI HQ. @ Meeisha?? They have followed all my suggested instructions without fail. These are recent cases within one year period.

Goodnite.. eyes too tired to write anymore.. old man la..
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answered on Sep 22, 2018 at 17:15
Raid at Cyberjaya just conducted 2 hrs ago..


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