What to do if you overstayed in Malaysia

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asked on Jan 3, 2017 at 14:45
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Attention to those who have Overstay in Malaysia

Surrender to Immigration is the ONLY Solution:

1. Bring the passport that you have used to come into Malaysia.

2. For those who have "lost" their passport, go get new Temporary Passport from your Embassy in Malaysia.

3. For "lost" passports and unable to proof with documents the actual date of entry into Malaysia, be prepared for higher fines and longer ban period of re-entry.
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answered on Jan 22, 2018 at 18:59
Overstayed 18 months on a tourist visa. I'm from Syria. I have enough for ticket home and a few thousand RM. I want to surrender but worried the fee will be too high and I cannot afford. I can afford 2-3 k in fine but if much higher I can't. 

What is the best thing to do? 

I read about this 1+3 program, many articles suggest that it had been extended to june 2018. But Mr, Jeff says do not trust. But some sources seem to be reputable news organizations. 

Mr Jeff? I understand that you do not want to say that 3+1 was extended unless it is confirmed by a legitimate source, direct from government. Like you say this is a law forum. But do you think these news articles are making up stories? 

I respect the way you do not want to say to people 3+1 is in place without having 100% proof. But based on your opinion and experience, do you think this news about 3+1 is 50/50 true? 0%  true? 70%? You clearly have more experience. Thanks in advance for your help. 
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answered on Jan 22, 2018 at 21:17
edited Jan 22, 2018 at 21:41
by   jeff005
@ Fouad

You caught me at the last minute while I was waiting for the last train (To Busan??)

It is very difficult to answer your Q..

Just personal opinions..

But some sources seem to be reputable news organizations.  
In their countries only.

But do you think these news articles are making up stories? 
There could misinterpretation 

Officially IMI have announced "over", not yet "extend". There many many more issues. Many illegal workers think that IMI is creating a Hoax. The last few weeks is for real, arresting illegals and employers alike. Caning and jail term also for both employers and illegals. I have posted names above. Those who stay behind is feeling the heat now. Finally, better go back, hard to find jobs now. After deadline, the Embassies are swamped with more enquiries. What can IMI Malaysia do? Headache, to accept or not to accept? So, different countries may approach the IMI for "special deals", country to country basis  and depends on the number of illegals left behind. BUT THIS IS NOT A BLANKET AMNESTY  for ALL  countries, including Iceland, Siberia..  and hence cannot be announced yet. Indonesia was the first to approach Msia in in 2014 (I think) for anmesty for indonesians during diplomatic visit to Msia. It started the next month after Jokowi's  visit.

As for Syria, you have to check with your Embassy for any "offers". For Syrians, for your case when your tourist pass expired, you could have applied for extension under special circumstances. Syria had political, civil unrest at several areas, the extension could be allowed if you are in the affected areas depending on which city you are residing in. That is where your National ID to complement the application of a " Special Pass " for extension. No point sending you back to possible death. Malaysia is not a so heartless country, unlike North Korea or Blangadesh (expelling Rohingyas refugees now).

So, an illegal overstaying 18 months (like you) coming from The Cape Of Good Hope  may not be given any further Amnesty (personal opinion) unlike from Syria.

So which can be more true? My analytical calculated presumptions or those 50/50. 70% news portal.

Go seek help and latest info from your Syrian Representative office in Kuala Lumpur.
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answered on Jan 23, 2018 at 14:38
I just found this forum and read the last 10 pages or so... very helpful information. It seems like Mr Jeff is the only person here providing much of the help. God bless you my friend, for helping so many people with nothing in return.

I have overstayed in Malaysia for a little over a year. I am from Estonia. The police in Malaysia are very friendly, I have had some encounters with them. They ask for my passport, I just say I do not have it on me and then they chat with me a little and that's it. Always very friendly. 

One police officer was so friendly I even implied that I was overstaying and he was fine with it, he told me that there was a bias in this country, that usually the police are suspicious of people from certain countries like Pakistan, India, etc... Basically saying there is a racism involved, it's deplorable but perhaps true. So Mr Jeff, would you say that polices officers are nice to because I am a Caucasian? would they be less nice to be if I had dark skin? I have not noticed any racism in Malaysian population unlike places like the USA, so I was a little surprised. Do you have any thoughts on that Mr Jeff? 

Now for my question regarding my overstay. 

Do you think immigration can be nice like the police, or they just detain me directly even if I go to them willingly and just want to talk? Some people told me that going to Putrajaya Immigration is just like walking into the post office. You go, you take a number, you wait, then you talk to an officer and that's it. Just a simple office, nobody there to arrest you. Based on your experience Mr Jeff and people you spoke to and helped, would you say that's true? I really want to talk to immigration to fix my situation but worried to be jailed time. 
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answered on Jan 23, 2018 at 14:57
One more question to Mr Jeff. 

It's about the 3+1 program, your last post was very interesting and @Fouad made a good point about the news on the internet. And you made a good point too, Jeff. A lot of websites and news organizations are reporting this extension until 30th of June. They are all reporting the same thing, I have not found any contradiction, they report the same info with the same details. 3+1 extended until June 30th. 

I checked a dozen articles about the 3+1 program extension, then I found one source that seems legitimate. "The Sun Daily" I have only lived in Malaysia for 1 year but I see "The Sun" everywhere. I always assumed it was a very serious news source. They reported that the 3+1 program has been extended. 

MyEG gets six-month extension from Home Ministry for illegal foreign worker repatriation programme

Here is a link to the article.

What do you think Mr Jeff? 

And thank you for your time and effort.
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answered on Jan 28, 2018 at 03:27
Hi sir im from indonesia and im overstated im Malaysia around 1 year and i want to go back to my country what the steps and how much thanks 
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answered on Jan 28, 2018 at 15:32

Just go to your embassy for latest info.
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answered on Jan 31, 2018 at 12:26
edited Jan 31, 2018 at 12:32
by   jeff005

 God bless you my friend
Tqvm.. May my Taoist Pagan Deities blesses you well in your overstay issue.

helping so many people with nothing in return. 
Well phrased.. I do get happiness and satisfaction to be able to help those in need. There is nothing anyone can do if those lawyers stalking this forum refuses to offer free advises. Moneys talks louder.

You have asked too many Qs.. for further Qs, please registered yourself as a registered member in order to post. This is a unwritten agreement with the Editor of this forum for me to reply to Queries. Transparency issues.

Basically saying there is a racism involved
Do not fully agree.
Some legal and illegal immigrants misbehave themselves while in Malaysia. Some actions is acceptable in their countries but does not blend well with Malaysians. Examples,  man and man holding hands walking on the streets like lovers. Bathing at the back of their rented house, sometimes in groups with their private parts protruding thru thin bathing suits. Housewives cooking at the back of the house can see in full view, while some enjoy the view, some find it offensive and of course the menfolk would love to cut slice off those bananananas..  Throwing refuse/trash anywhere they like except at the vicinity of their rented homes. Glaring glances and wolf whistling, making sexual remarks is a no-no in our Malaysian societies. These actions are prevalent in the lower rung of migrants from those Isxxxxx Countries they hail from.

Caucasian are very unlikely to commit such acts as they are more versed in Cultural and Social Laws / Practices. My Thai and Chinese Nationals friends do not faced such prejudice as they are as "yellow" as I am. I can roughly detect those foreigners on whether they are legals or illegals just by looking at how they walk, dressed and behaved in public, not only trained police personnel.

Just a simple office, nobody there to arrest you. Based on your experience Mr Jeff and people you spoke to and helped, would you say that's true? 
100% True, unless while checking one's passport details, there is a police or immigration case lodged against them or even an active WOA on the foreigner.

"The Sun Daily" 
Did you know that legal advertisements on this newspaper is not acceptable in a court of law for some issues? This I heard it personally from the Judge presiding in a court case. No I do not agree that one can see it everywhere. It is free and hawkers are using it to wrap the foods they sell.

they just detain me directly even if I go to them willingly and just want to talk?
No detention. No free food from tax payers moneys. They will talk to you professionally if you are educated and is polite. If you are rude, they may even show you what was hidden beneath their trousers. My guess is.. it is black in color...!! Never never tell an IMI officer that you have a lawyer. They would hang anyone on the street lights outside their office. They hate lawyers showing off their oral-tory skills.

A lot of websites and news organizations are reporting this extension until 30th of June.
Then why is that it is not "reported" in the IMI Official Website? I am not sure, I was out of town for some time. I am only interested in the current  88A  issue of our Constitutional Laws.

The link you posted was journalists copy and paste from another website. It all came from one business website. It is to promote the market value of their shares..!!

For your case
1.  Seek help from your embassy/consular services and for latest info.
2.  Then with exit docs from the embassy, surrender to IMI Malaysia.

Please register yourself as a member to ask further Qs. I reserve my rights not to answer. Tq..
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answered on Feb 2, 2018 at 23:01
What is the blacklist period if you use IMAN service due to overstayed on tourist visa? Thank you
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answered on Feb 5, 2018 at 08:31
Good morning sir
I'm from Indonesia,
Normally how long will take time to manage the payment of fines/compound and can get a return letter from immigration, tq
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answered on Feb 5, 2018 at 11:29
@ navin

Why dont u check wit the Indonesia Embassy to get latest info?

@ Dedi

Ii should take about 5 working days after paying of fines depending on the crowd. Some foreigners says that they got end of same day, Not sure about for Indons. 
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