legally enter after blacklist for 5 years

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asked on Dec 28, 2016 at 17:52
hye all, this is mike, been in Malaysia for past 9 years n 2 years all illegal..paid 400 fine n left Malaysia June 2016 n blacklisted for until 2021. I have gf in Malaysia for 5 years n we like to get marry. so my gf went to p'jaya and asked wat are the options. they asked us to put a request letter asking to remove blacklist but they aso said chances are very low, btw my dad is a Malaysian red IC holder n they asked my gf to put under my dad ic citing his age they would consider. 
now my question is shld my gf or family in Malaysia consult a lawyer regarding this?? 
2. does the appeal letter will be of any use?? 
3. after marry wen my wife appeal will it be any chances of immigration reducing my 5 year ban??
4. they guy in p'jaya said tat I don't have any criminal record and some more I volentered to left Malaysia they might consider n chances are 50/50.. is this true??
5. I'm from India 
7. is there any other legal options we shld try out??? 
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answered on Dec 28, 2016 at 19:18
As a lawyer, i would advise you to secure the services of reputable lawyer firm.

As a laymen, I would advise you to sit out the 5 years.
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