House sold in foreclosure auction with refund balance

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asked on Dec 6, 2016 at 16:05
Hi All, Good Day,
I had a house under joint ownership and joint borrower (ex-spouse), went for auctioned and was sold to bidder on Aug 2016. Bidder had settled the full pay on Nov 2016. After bank deducting all relevant charges, now got extra money to be refund.
I have contacted bank, requesting to divide refund money equally to me and ex-spouse, and transfer money separately to each individual account.  Bank mentioned, balance money may transfer to joint account (me and ex-spouse). I have plea them not to do so, as I’m already divorce and don’t want go through hell again with problematic ex-spouse.  I’ve been struggling to sold/auction above property almost 6 years. Its effects badly my credit history with CTOS and CCRIS for that 6 years till now.
So, please anyone kindly share me tips for below query:
1)     Any other steps to negotiate with bank, to divide refund money equally to me and ex-spouse, and transfer money separately to each individual account?
2)     How soon I can clear my CTOS and CCRIS?  
3)     Planning to buy house under my name only, is it possible to get bank loan?

Kindly help, please. Thanks
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answered on Dec 6, 2016 at 16:25
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by   jeff005
@ Tariv

Personal Opinions (non-legal)
(Based on assumption that UR a he)
(It could be a he or she impersonating the other party in a common issue)

1. Go with your ex wife to the bank and get a "cash" chq from the bank, and go together with her and maybe with your lawyer and her lawyer to cash out the moneys. Then share out the booty. Other wise open joint account in the same bank with her. (Note:-You could have been blacklisted in opening acs with other banks).

2.Your CCRIS will clear in 12 months. CTOS will remain there as a record even though you produce evidence that the issue is resolved. Defaulting bank loans is a record for "life" esp when there is a confirmed action in court like this type.

3. New loans depends on the banks concerned. Your new credit rating plays a important part.

don’t want go through hell again with problematic ex-spouse.
In life & marriages, unpleasant things do happen.
U say she is problematic?
She says UR...!!
Were you wearing specs when U marry at that point of time when signing the marriage application form? Looking at the bright side of things, your poor eyesight has been corrected, cured..!! Congrats..!!
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answered on Dec 7, 2016 at 20:30
Thanks for sharing opinions.

I had been through too much hard times in past. I wished, prayed and put efforts for betterment, god knows better.
And definitely now I’m hoping above matter can be settled without 3rd party, without joint account. Thanks, good day.
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