Baby born outside of Malaysia adopted by Malaysian Pakistani couple

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asked on Dec 3, 2016 at 00:13
by   Syedsaby
edited on Dec 3, 2016 at 00:15
by   Syedsaby
Hi I am syed Pakistani national married to a Malaysian citizen, after 11 years of marriage without kids we decided to adopt one. We decided to adopt our new born niece (brother daughter) from Pakistan.
We bring her to Malaysia on social visit pass after completing adoption process in PAKISTAN. At Malaysia we start the adoption process according to Malaysian law  we went to JPN they refer us to JKM,and they put the child in our custody for two years,everything went smoothly, but our nightmare started when we tried to extend our daughter visa which is denied and immigration ask us to send her back (can u imagine if someone ask u separate ur kid from u) anyhow after a lot of struggle we manage to get 7 days special pass which is expiring on 8th of December 2016, please advice us on this matter, any response will be highly appreciated.
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answered on Dec 3, 2016 at 02:31
by   jeff005
edited Dec 3, 2016 at 04:35
by   jeff005
Personal Opinion

1. Send her back before 8th Dec.
2. Apply visa from Pakistan again to come in again. Apply for 2 year LTSVP from there.
3. If she overstay, the adoption may be cancelled.
4. She is not born in Malaysia, after living here for 5 years then apply for PR.

5. Have you got a PR yet?

Be forewarned on the overstaying issue.
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answered on Dec 3, 2016 at 05:12
by   Syedsaby
Thanks jeff005 for ur kind reply, if I send her back I have to send my wife and have to obtain pak visa for my Malaysian wife, which is not a problem, pak high commission and immigration are very helpfull they granted my wife 1 year extension on her social visa without any problem,but my plea is still there living far from family and send ur daughter away is quite difficult.My PR status is still pending I suppose under process of denying again. A strange thing happens today at immigration while I renew my visa immigration granted me 2 years visa only when last time they granted me 5 years upon inquiry the officer ask me weather I have anak warganegara tak(citizen child) on my answer his answer was it depends on his boss weather he give 2 years or 5 visa.
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answered on Dec 5, 2016 at 03:30
by   jeff005
edited Dec 5, 2016 at 03:53
by   jeff005
@ Syedsaby

the officer ask me weather I have anak warganegara tak(citizen child)
Thank you very much for this pc of info
It is really very important to me.
Now I understand why my ex wife haul me to court to get full custody of my son.
We had joint custody during divorce.

My reasoning now is that if a local citizen marries a foreign spouse, and for the purpose of applying for spouse visa and PR, the step child (local citizen) does plays a important role.

No wonder single mothers are so laku nowadays.

My ex wife is a chinese convert to Sunni Faith (Just to marry him)
Whereas her husband to be is of the Shia Faith

I still do not see the logic of them being able to marry in Malaysia as it has outlaw the Shia Faith.
No wonder she seek FULL CUSTODY so that they can marry in their country along with my son converted there.
If my son is converted here in Malaysia as a Sunni Faith, he could be persecuted when he goes with his mother to the husband country.

One good gesture bears fruits.

Many thanks to you again.

The immigration here have given you 2 years LTSVP as will be when your child apply.
Do not give up hope.

Get your local wife to emphasize on the age of your adopted child to speed up the process.
In 3 years time she would be supposed to be in Religious school. Work on the education part of the child when making appeals or request to speed up the process as this child has a legal adoptive local mother.

Reach out to this organisation for help. < "Sisters In Islam" >
They might be able to provide you invaluable advises.

Good Luck.
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