Has anyone successfully appealed to reduce outstanding tax amount?

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asked on Mar 20, 2015 at 16:43
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I have a 68 year old father who was bankrupt and owes tax. He owes the then Bank of Commerce about RM25,000 and owes Inland Revenue Board about RM60,000.

He had a business back then but things did not work out for him. Furthermore, his then accountant failed to maintain the books properly. He didn't knew much about taxation and did not clarify or seek an amicable solution with Inland Revenue Board (IRB). When he was declared bankrupt, he was mis-informed and thought that he would be cleared of outstanding tax. He was very wrong on that. His file kept growing. The IRB tried contacting him for payment without any success. The IRB then issued him a notice; barring him from traveling overseas.

I am determined to get him out from all these. About 2 years ago, I helped him to get a discharge notice from bankruptcy. I made a few trips to the Jabatan Insolvensi Malaysia (JIM) office and spoken to the officer assigned to my father's case. After each meeting, I patiently made calls to follow up. It was successful. I managed to get a discharge notice.

The part I'm stuck at now is getting IRB to reduce his outstanding amount. The collection officer is very persistent. At first, the officer suggested me to pay about 15% to 30% first and then they would allow him to travel. The remaining amount is to be paid in installment after he returns. I disagree and said that he is already 68, not working and does not have any savings. I offered to pay about RM18,000, the maximum I could afford but he refused. He said that we would have to pay full amount and installment option is available. I humbly wrote a Bahasa Malaysia letter to the branch director and state director. As expected, there was no reply.

So just asking fellow forumers here. Has anyone ever successfully appealed to IRB to reduce their outstanding tax amount?

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answered on Sep 20, 2017 at 20:00
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Has anyone ever successfully appealed to IRB to reduce their outstanding tax amount? 
Yes, I have heard there are people who has got discounts depending on situations and how long the default has been there.
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