Indah Water - Do we need to pay IWK charges if we do not have water meter ?

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asked on Nov 18, 2016 at 18:18
by   apple7414
I would like to find out if we need to pay IWK basic charges if the commercial premises do not have water meter ?

The premises initially has a water meter and I have disconnected the meter when the tenant moved out in  September 2006.  I have rented it out again in April 2016. IWK is now sending a bill asking me to pay.  I have keep telling them over the email  I will  pay anything before September 2006 and after  April 2016 but not a single cents in between.   As  I do not have any water meter thus  I did not  create any sewage waste for them co clean.

Another thing is currently my tenant also do not use any water from my unit as there isn't any water meter. They are taking water from the next unit ( also rented by them ) to be used in my unit. And IWK claimed they want to charge basic unit.  I am not going to argue on this since I will pass the charges to tenant but just for knowledge sake, why should I (tenant) pay ?  I take the water from another unit this other unit has a water meter,  and that water mater is paying for its IWK charges.  Am I not rite  legally speaking ?
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answered on Nov 18, 2016 at 22:37
by   Pak Jib
My deepest sympathy that you have face with so many anti-social issues at the same time.

Q. Why disconnect the water supply in the first place?
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answered on Nov 21, 2016 at 21:21
by   apple7414
Disconnected because tenant moved out.  The tenant did not pay rent.  The place is out of no where and due to frequent robbery apparently ppl will rent and move out.  The premise is somewhere in Klang
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