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asked on Nov 13, 2016 at 01:01
by   M A Mahmud
edited on Nov 13, 2016 at 01:10
by   M A Mahmud
Hi, This is Mahmud, i'm a Bangladeshi, #jeff005#

I came in malaysia in 2013 and i get a Professional visa for 2 years by a foreign company in malaysia, but i did't work with that company i work with other company,

after 2 years later i come back to this company owner for renew my visa then they say they will renew my visa but i have to pay them RM12k for renew my visa and pay my income taxes then i pay them and they take my passport and after 2 moths later they return back my passport with my new visa for 2years but they didn't give me any card like (i-Pass), but they take 2 SP( Special Pass) for me for that they also charge me RM1400.

when i get my visa then after few months later i just try to check in online my visa status but there is nothing showing under my name then i go aging that company for asking why i can't see anything in immigration online but nobody in that office and all i see new people that office then i ask them where is the existing company office they said they all runway then i try to contact withe the company owner but i can't  then i ask one of my friend who working in immigration  she said her husband working in Putrajaya IMI office then she check my visa status with her husband,
her husband said my name under the blacklist and my current visa it's not issue from the immigration office he said its fake, i ask her whats the reason and then she advice me to go putrajaya IMI office and blacklist clear department for asking why my name under the blacklist. 
Then i go putrajaya and talk with one officer he said your company make a complain for you last month but i told him my company owner and other people all runway from malaysia so how they make complain for me and why, i already pay to them all charges and they give me also a visa then i show the officer but the officer also said that my visa is not original. 
then he advice me if you want to clear your blacklist you have to bring a company letter but how can i bring company letter coz nobody in malaysia and i also don't know the local owner. 
so now i stay in malaysia with that fake visa last 01 Years and i also open a company in malaysia and now i want to apply for visa under my own company, 

But my Question is i can apply for Director visa under my company stay in malaysia? please advice me.
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answered on Nov 13, 2016 at 03:47
by   zJIMzzz
Yu have broken regulation of your foreign employment visa by working with other companies.
So yu shld have no qualms.
There is no provision as Director Visa?
DGI visa?
Go to JIM and check properly.
From what you have described, you have been given a big runaround.
Your blacklist is one of the worst that could happened. Fake Employment Visa. Your passport has been spoilt by that fake sticker. Change to new passport or else in Thailand, you could be jailed even for forgeries that happened in other countries if you try to enter. Not jail, but Military Detention Camps which shows no compassion
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