How to get back earnest deposit 2% for subsale hse?

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asked on Nov 1, 2016 at 21:24
by   ancientguy2
I paid earnest deposit for a property after inspecting a property a few times. After payment, brought a friend to check out as well, he advised me to cancel the purchase.

The hse is completely painted over, tiles changes in few rooms Friend believes there is huge crack at one of the rear walls based on vertical cement/plaster line visible under the paint. Kitchen counter table is slanting downwards near both walls, highest at the center near sink.

Agent says he can get his workers to redo the counter top for 3k to look flat, and full refund earnest deposit during inspection with the friend.

The day after, agent refuses to refund, saying hse is perfect, no visible damage.

How can I get him to refund? To make things easier, I even offered to pay rental 1 mth each to agent and seller but agent refused, saying we have to follow the law.

The booking agreement signed me and agent says booking fees forfeit if I don't sign SPA within 21 days. 

Agent knows my loans are approved, so I cannot claim that.

SPA and loan agreement not yet sign

Is there any way law can help me to get back my earnest deposit, ?
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answered on Nov 2, 2016 at 01:21
by   vkpc
The booking agreement signed by me and agent says booking fees forfeit if I don't sign SPA within 21 days.

Since you didn't sign the SPA, your earnest deposit is gone lah.
Don't waste owner and agent time.
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