Diskaun membayar hutang awal dan lum sum

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asked on Oct 17, 2016 at 05:37
by   optra87
Hello everyone. I got a question and need some opinions. My credit card limit was RM27k. It was bought over by aiqon and almost five years, now I am being summoned and plaintif demand RM87k. The court case is on going and  I found the book by Mr. William Chan was very helpful. The next hearing will be on 2/11/16. The judge comment that in my affidavit, I only requested for the monthly payment and total amount to be reduced and did not challenge the amount demanded by plaintif. I have to submit my reply to the plaintif afidavit by 25/10. I have no idea on how to challenge the amount but this is what I am planning to reply. Usually when we pay a lump sum, bank will give a rebate or discount and in this case, I am sure that aiqon is paying less than what I am owing but I notices that in the letter, the amount demanded by palintif does not change at all. My question is, can I argue with the judge on the amount? 
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answered on Oct 24, 2016 at 22:36
by   optra87
Hi everyone. After reading once again the letter sent by plaintif lawyer, I have found the vesting order which attached together with the plaintiff affidavit. But it does not mention anything about debt amount. Is that means the bank transfer 100% my dent to aiqon? In the notification letter mentioned that aiqon has purchased my debt from the bank. So, I believed that the amount should be less that what I owed. Is it possible to raise this question in my reply to plaintif affidavit?
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