Can I end my tenancy earlier than the contract duration?

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asked on Sep 8, 2016 at 03:07
by   TenantMalaysia
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by   TenantMalaysia
My work has required me to be assigned to a different location, so I moved out in my rented room in a certain condominium. The unit has 3 rooms, and I'm renting one of the rooms there. The person in the master bedroom said that he collects the monthly rent and he is the one instructed by the owner to take charge of the unit.. The contract duration of the rent is 2 years but I just stayed there for only 5 months. Here are the problems:

1.) I asked the main tenant if he could give me the contact number of the owner, but he refused and said that the owner only talks to the main tenant... Actually I'm kinda speculating about this one because it looks like he is the real tenant of the unit and he just let me rented out one of his rooms there so that it is less burden for him to pay the whole unit.

2.) He said that I should be the one to look for a replacement, not him and not the owner... Is this legal? Shouldn't the owner be the main person to look for a replacement?

3.) He said that the owner doesn't want to give me my deposit because it should be given only when the 2 years contract has ended.

So now, what should I do? I am paying 2 rents every month. One is the rent in my new home, while the other one is the rent on my previous room on that condominium. It is very expensive for me to do that... What should I do?
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answered on Sep 8, 2016 at 03:58
by   jeff005
Just walk out and lose your deposits instead of paying monthly rental.
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answered on Sep 19, 2016 at 22:00
by   Hakuna Matata
Look back your Tenancy Agreement to see whether there is such obligation imposed on you that you have to find replacement in the event you decide not to further the tenancy. Also, look for clauses which talk about in the event you terminate the contract earlier than the tenancy period and breach of contract / default.

Worst case scenario, pack your stuffs and never looked back (that means your deposit will be treated as forfeit). 
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