Interfaith Marriages in Malaysia

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Interfaith marriages in Malaysia
By K. Thuruvan 

Malaysia is a Muslim nation; 65% are Muslims, 25% Chinese, 7% Indians and 3% others. Common practices of interfaith marriages of Hindus to others in Malaysia are summarized here.  

Hindu and non-Abrahamic marriages: There is frequent intermarriage between Hindus, Chinese, Toaists, Sabahans, Sarawakians and Buddhists. These intermarrying couples face very few problems, religious or otherwise. At Hindu temples in Malaysia, it is quite common to see Hindus coming to pray with their non-Hindu spouses, complete with Hindu attire. Couples believe in the concept of one God, and that all religions are good. To these intermarrying couples, love is all that matters.  I have been married to my Taoist Chinese wife for the last fifty years, and we never faced any religious problems. Our children speak fluent Chinese and Tamil and respect all religions.  

Hindu and Muslim marriages: All Muslims hold fast to their religion and its teachings. In Malaysia, the Malay (Muslim) women are pretty, sporty and sexy. When non-Malays fall for them, they accept friendship, even marriage with one strict condition – convert to Islam. Many non-Muslim convert simply for the purpose of marriage and nothing more. Many Muslim women allow their husbands to be a little un-Muslim like drinking, gambling, etc. Children must be given Muslim names. Once one converts to Islam, there is no way out even there is an urge to be otherwise. The conversion out of Islam may be possible in countries where Muslims are in minority, not possible in Malaysia. 

Hindu and Christian marriages: As for Christians, the Christian partner in Malaysia always demands that spouse convert and Hindus who believe that all Gods and religions are the same usually fall prey. But there are some Christians who also follow Hindu way of life. 

In conclusion, Sanatan Dharma is not taken seriously by Hindus in Malaysia. Though, the trend is slowly changing now.  Hindus are beginning to feel proud of their religion and with so many swamis and saints propagating our religion. We must especially thank to the white Swamis who have taken a liking to Hinduism and who are going out in a big way to spread Hinduism. There is hope yet that one day values of Hinduism would be appreciated by all.

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answered on Aug 29, 2016 at 04:18
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by   jeff005
Interfaith Marriages is accepted in neighboring countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

BUT NOT IN MALAYSIA. Muslim must marry back muslim. Muslim cannot marry non-muslim till the other spouse (to be) have converted to the Islamic Faith. Interfaith marriages is allowed among other religions and races.

In some Muslim countries, the men can marry woman of another faith, but the children born will be muslim by faith and have muslim name. BUT, the muslim women folk cannot marry men of other faiths (Gender Discrimination and Inequality)

Thailand and Singapore accepts Interfaith Marriages. They practice Marriage Tourism too.
Non citizens can marry in these countries provided some guidelines with immigration procedures are followed.

The marriage certificate from these two countries is NOT recognized in MALAYSIA.
(Muslim and non-muslim marriages)

In Malaysia,the name of the muslim father cannot be inserted in the child Birth Certificate born to non-muslim wife which in the event of separation, no alimony, child living expenses can be claimed. The other big issue is in Inheritance, when the muslim father died Intestate or having left a WILL  to a "illegitimate child" (non-muslim).
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answered on Aug 29, 2016 at 05:54
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As for Christians, the Christian partner in Malaysia always demands that spouse convert 

Personally my info (could be grossly inacurate)

Catholics would try to persuade their spouses to convert
Protestants is more liberal in accepting dual religions in their household
Chinese men (esp Taoism) would follow their spouse to Hindu Temples
(Both Taoism & Hinduism basic principles is almost the same)
Japanese Buddhism is more rigid
Thai Buddhism is more simplified
China, Taiwanese Buddhism runs along Confucian Principles (esp Ancestor Worshiping) 

Just personal views/opinions......

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