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asked on Aug 25, 2016 at 16:17
Hi, I had a question regarding internship. Is actually happen to my friend, I'm just curious whether it is right or not.

The situation is they having 3 mths internship period, during the 3 mths internship, they had took 2 days sick leave with MC provided and 1 day NPL for personal issues. At the end of the month, they notice that the company had deducted their salary for 3 days which is fair enough since the offer letter had  clearly stated internship are not entitle for any MC of leave. But, the problem is, at the last month of internship, they received notification from their manager. Manager told that they have to extend 3 days of their internship for replacement because they had taken 3 days leave.

So, I'm curious, why they need to have replacement since the company had already deducted their salary? Is that the company should pay back their salary is they had complete the replacement?

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answered on Aug 25, 2016 at 16:56
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by   jeff005
1. Post a copy of the internship agreement here for review.

2. If a Pilot's commercial licence requires 10,000 hours of flying, must complete 10,000 hours.

3. If internship is 3 months, then 3 complete months lo... what is the issue?

4. Ask for pay for the 3 days work done there. 

5. Are there any issues to work for just another 3 days.

6. There are more other serious issues attached to this type of internship, if you do not complete the period. Your friend should be new in the "working world".

Non completion of Internship Program
7. If it is in the IT sector, the next IT company your friend join, will be always on "1 year or 6 months contract". No permanent employment will be offered. OT's..?? work their brains dried without compensation. My sincere advise is to complete the whole internship program even at a "loss".
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answered on Aug 25, 2016 at 21:26
Hi Jeff,
I do not have the agreement since is my friend's internship. And yes, they are going to complete the job. I write this post just because I'm curious regarding this situation. Just wonder do this kind of rules exist? And is that the company should pay them for that 3 days?
Thanks a lot for you reply.
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