Malaysian Buyer Posing as PayPal Scam - Need Help!

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asked on Aug 23, 2016 at 06:57
Hi. I'm dealing with a very frustrating issue right now. As of August 12th, I am currently a victim of International Shipping Mail Fraud. So let me put the story short but detailed. It was my first time selling on Ebay so I was definitely a newbie. I was selling a $700 Lenovo Ideapad 14" Laptop for $680. Buyer pays for shipping. A man by the name John Simon contacted me saying that he'd like to offer me $770 for the laptop and international shipping cost together but Ebay wouldn't let him purchase it because he lives all the way in Malaysia. (This is what he said.) He asked me if I could simply send him a money request on PayPal for $770.

Since I let the excitement of having a buyer right away get to me, I did send him a money request on PayPal. After that, I receiced an Email from PayPal saying that the $770 has been withdrawed from his account and that its ready to be added to my account. All I had to do is reply to their email with the tracking and reference number of the item I shipped. Sadly, I did. I shipped the item. Feeling excited. Actually thinking this was legit. Heard absolutely nothing for almost half a day. Not even from the buyer. I called PayPal Customer service. They told me that I've officially been scammed. It felt unbelievable at that point. I felt as dumb as rocks.

So of course I started contacting USPS customer service right away and god, are the wait times long. I literally spend big portions of everyday staying on hold just to get connected with useless representatives who didn't even sound like they wanted to help despite my kindness and patience. Finally, a couple days later, a resourceful representative filled out a complaint form for me. I gave all the info and details. The tracking number, addresses, names, emails, ect. He refered me the International Research Groups PO Box and Fax Number. I faxed them all the details along with the tracking number. 

So today, I just got a tracking notification saying that my laptop is being held in customs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'm assuming thats a good thing? (I'm new to shipping items internationally.) I'd like to take further action to make sure my item is secured and that they are aware of this item technically being stolen. I'm researching it right now. Any help would be appreciated. I just want to have this laptop sent back to me and not delivered to that filthy scammer. 

Thank you for taking the time to read.
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answered on Aug 30, 2016 at 04:41
 I just got a tracking notification saying that my laptop is being held in customs in Kuala Lumpur

Did you get back your laptop?
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