Working for a foreign company without registered office in Malaysia

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asked on Aug 11, 2016 at 22:34
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I have a job offer from a US company. They don't have local office and I will be the one who set up the office for keeping some of demo units and for mailing etc.
They don't plan to setup subsidiary office here as well. My offer letter is contract offer. Unlike my previous offer which was proper employment letter by local office although it is international company. 

My role is regional sales role and I have no issue with that. Purchase order from customers will go through US directly so I can understand why they don't plan to setup subsidiary office here. 

My questions:
1) Am I protected under Malaysia labour law?
2) Does my employer need to contribute to Employees Provident Fund (EPF)?
3) Do I need to get my employer to register their company here? I think this company will always be at loss since no revenue to be generated. But it will help on human resources (HR) matter (payslip, EPF, benefits etc.) (I am just guessing here anyway)
4) Tax? Potongan Cukai Bulanan (PCB)? Do I need to pay if I am under contract employment?

Thanks a lot in advance for those replying!
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answered on Aug 12, 2016 at 16:50
Go to country of origin to sue them in the event of any defaults, not in Malaysia.
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answered on Aug 22, 2016 at 22:04
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1. In order to be employed in Malaysia, the foreign company must register a local company.
2. EPF, tax & PCB are payable to contract employee working in Malaysia.
3. Malaysian Labour laws will apply to you. 
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