Customer Ignore My Letter of Demand

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asked on Aug 11, 2016 at 18:33

I wish someone would advise if i should go further action.

Brief Case :

2015/12 - Customer paid 50% deposit to do company website
            - Service included FOC interior photography stated right only for web development  

2016/01 - Web done, client claimed not satisfied with photos taken, after explained it was FOC flavor which is extra from the paid service, they agreed to appoint professional photographer to retake for them, and pass to me to upload later.

2016/05 - I found they used my photos without permission and acknowledge me in a Magazine Ads. I called up to demand for explanation, they ignore me.

2016/06 - Project has been delayed until June 2016, follow up a lots of time and customer said "they are busy". In June they said "photo taken has no problem at all, i can launch the web". I explained they need to clear their balance before i can launch it. They said Ok no problem.

2016/07 - after a month follow up, they yet to settle the balance. in July they said they don't want the project already. I explained they have asked to proceed all things and ordered to complete to launch it, the project is consider done and they have to pay the service no matter how.

2016/08 - I proceed to issue them a letter of demand after few attempts, they ignore my calls, emals, messages. I demand them to pay for the balance and charge them at a service fee for using my photos without permission.

The customer didn't bother to entertain me even i have send them the Final Reminder Letter.
And now i found they are running business with an expired license ended 2015, will this affect me to take any action against them. Or is that any better way i can "force" them to pay, is it safe to use social media platform to push them in a harsh way?

Kindly advise. Thank you
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answered on Aug 12, 2016 at 16:54
If the balance is good enough to pay your lawyers fees, go ahead and sue.

Wasting time and money sending demand letters. File a lawsuit. Empty threats!!

is it safe to use social media platform to push them in a harsh way? 
You can be counter sued.
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