Pregnant - Harassment - Termination

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asked on Aug 11, 2016 at 04:05
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The story goes:

My wife is 8 months pregnant (our 2nd child), working in 1 of F&B outlet here in Kuala Lumpur. Everything was okay until she was transferred the another outlet. As my wife is pregnant, she's always having leg cramp that normally continues for 1-2 hours. The cramp can come at anytime, even while just sitting watching TV.

So sometimes it causes her to arrive at her workplace 1-2 hours late (where she will always inform her superior regarding this, and is was acceptable to them).

Until suddenly last week, her boss scolded her for being late, and verbally harassed my wife with words that I can't even write in here.

My wife called me crying, and I fetch her from her workplace. She told me what the boss said to her, and I confronted her boss. The boss then said to me she said nothing to her. And I was like really? I believe my wife 100% because she has never lied to me.

So then I just let it be and I bring my wife home with the permission of her boss.

Today my wife received an email from the HR, 3 show cause letters on
 1) coming to work late
 2) taking annual leave (AL) without approval (where she never applied)
 3) leaving the outlet without permission.

plus in the letters, they mention that I, the husband make a treat to her boss if she doesn't leave the outlet (I'm not that stupid to threat another person in the public)

So the questions are:

1. What if my wife doesn't reply to the email?
2. Can they terminate my wife with only show cause letter?
3. Can they terminate a 8 months pregnant staff?

Please help. Thanks.
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answered on Aug 12, 2016 at 16:57
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Both sides have made serious mistakes.

Human relationships and working attitude problems.

There is no clear cut winner.

Labour Department also 'bigung'..!!
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answered on Aug 22, 2016 at 22:06
1. Its certainly prudent for you to reply to the show cause letter stating your version of facts to avoid accusations later that you did not reply the show cause letter. 
2. If they terminate your wife when she is pregnant, you can challenge the termination by going to the Industrial Relations Department. 
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