Accident with motorbike and the rider passed away

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asked on Jul 26, 2016 at 16:37
by   Snoopy wood
i was on straight road and motor was bang on my car from opposite road.
My front mirror was cracked and i lost control and crash into opposite pavement.
My car was declared as total lost and the rider had passed away.
Will i be liable for charge due to the rider passed away?
i had report to police.
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2 Answers

answered on Jul 27, 2016 at 06:59
by   vkpc
Will i be liable for charge due to the rider passed away?
Yes, if the police thinks that you have been driving recklessly.
It depends on what witnesses say to police.
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answered on Jul 27, 2016 at 19:55
by   Snoopy wood
edited Jul 27, 2016 at 19:57
by   Snoopy wood
thanks VKPC.
But the biker is the one from opposite road overtake to my lane and bang into my car.
At that moment, i lost control and unable to stop it immediately as i was panic. :(
thanks for your answer.

The rider did not wear helmet. :(
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