Recovering a child from Malaysia

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asked on Jun 15, 2016 at 13:11
Husband and wife are currently separated and residing in Australia. 
They have a 6 years old child that is born in Malaysia and has been living in Australia for a long time.
They are seeking divorce and fighting legal custody over a child in Australia.
Both husband and wife are Malaysian and hold permanent residency status in Australia.
Husband intends to take up Australian Citizenship.
Wife has extended family in Malaysia and flies back to Malaysia every year.
Husband allows the child to see extend family in Malaysia.
Husband worries that Wife will take the child back to Malaysia for good at the conclusion of their divorce.

What can the Husband do (in the context of Malaysian law) to ensure that he retrieve the child from Malaysia if the Wife decided not to come back to Australia? What would be the cost and how long is the process? Can all these be prearranged before Wife flies back to Malaysia every year?

Thank you in advance.
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answered on Jun 20, 2016 at 17:48
@  BenLoh

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justt ffigghtt  for  FUllL CUsTOdy

ssorry keybboarrd  problleem.. (iinn  tthaailaandd))
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