IM.96(C) B/B6 Stamped on my passport in Malaysia

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asked on Jun 2, 2016 at 03:12
by   Naren Vema
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This post is regarding the IM.96(C) B/B6 stamped on my passport in Malaysia.

I've stayed in Malaysia for 6 Months from Aug-2010 to Dec-2010. I've been there on a visit visa valid for 1 year, but each visit must not be longer than 30 days. However, I've continued my stay for 6 months with valid extensions from the immigration. 

In December 2010 I came to India and went back to Malaysia, where at immigration they've stopped me and asked me to go back siting the multiple extensions on my 30 day limited visa. I agreed and they've stamped on my passport on the code "IM.96(C) B/B6 dated 13-DEC-2010" and I came back. 

Now, I've been getting few offers to work abroad and I'm afraid that this stamping might effect my chances in visa application. I need to understand what this stamp on my passport mean, does it have any effect on my future visa applications to any countries and if there's any such problem please suggest what shall be done to overcome them. 

Thank You.
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