Developer didn't deliver the house as per SPA floor plan & specification

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asked on Apr 26, 2016 at 06:00
by   Fairness
edited on May 15, 2016 at 18:10
Our new property:-

1. The kitchen slab design doesn't built as per SPA floor plan.Developer claimed this design is according to showroom units.All units under this project is having same designed.So they refuse to deliver as per SPA floor plan. The slab in SPA is "L"shape,actual built was "I".

2. Material built was not in accordance to SPA specification. Example all door will be in wood under SPA but actual were in PVC. Though developer promised to change but no action taken.

3. Lots of defects and poor workmanship.

We want to withhold the remaining stakeholder sum. But our SPA lawyer said under SPA, buyer has do by their own to send the letter to vendor's Solicitors pertaining to stakeholder sum. They're not able to accede. 

1. It is valid where developer can refuse to build back as per SPA plan and just do it as per showroom unit? Also for the material, can they in accordance with SPA spec?  Any action can be taken from buyer?

2. It is true that buyer need to send the notice to stakeholder to request to withhold sum by themselves instead of SPA lawyer doing it? I don't see this term in SPA. Then why we need hire SPA lawyer by paying such high legal fees? Can we claim back the legal fees from our lawyer since they are not doing anything nor helping their client except just giving signatory in SPA?

3. We made numerous complaints on the issue, the developer came back to us, since we so unhappy with the property, we can sell it back to developer. But they only pay according to SPA price. Others like Sales Tax or bank penalty will not be included. This is an unfair deal. But what else we can do prior this?

Please help. Thanks!
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answered on Aug 12, 2016 at 17:03
by   PokemonHunter
But what else we can do prior this? 
Find a reputable lawyer firm and sue the developer
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