I was declared as bankrupt without notice while overseas. What should I do next?

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asked on Apr 20, 2016 at 16:39
by   fsy80
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I just came to know I has been declared as bankrupt when I received email from CTOS regarding monitoring notification yesterday!

Here is the information shown on the CTOS email:
Type of action: Bankruptcy-Adjudication Order
Case No: 29ncc-****-07-2015
Source: Strait Times 15-09-2015

I was away from Malaysia since year 2014, but I have outstanding debts about RM42K with bank since 2011. I did not received any letters/ notices and also not attend the court (as I not aware due to overseas & also my Malaysia old address has been no longer since 2014.)

I also not holding any properties / assets in Malaysia.

I am working and living overseas now & also did not go back to Malaysia since 2014 so that the reason I was not aware about the notices.

I need your kind help/advise:

1) What should I do next as I have done all the following:
- I have check Malaysia immigration travel blacklist - Tiada Halangan as at today
- I have check my case number (as shown on CTOS) via Kausa Negeri  - unable to search the case number & result. Is there any other ways to check the case number?
- e-insolvensi - unable to request my information as I don't have Malaysia internet banking.

2) How to extract all the court files since I am overseas now?

3) As I did not attend to court and also report to Jabatan Insolvensi Malaysia (JIM), am I confirm as a bankrupt already as per the CTOS information shown above?

4) Will it affect my work permit renewal? I am now working in Singapore.

5) Also will it affect my Malaysia passport renewal? Expire 2019.

6) Please advise can I go back to Malaysia to settle it? or just set aside due to in overseas now & also not receive any letter/ notices?

7) What is the next course of action my creditors will take if according to the current status - Bankruptcy-Adjudication Order?

Really appreciate if  you all able to advise me.
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