I got NTL stamp in my passport

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asked on Mar 25, 2016 at 10:21
by   Syed
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I had registered an IT company in Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. company with RM500,000 Paid up capital. I have my office and all licenses in Malaysia. I have been deported from airport saying that I entered Malaysia lot of times and exited via Thailand. I have my business in Malaysia also I applied for company approval in Malaysia and taking lot of time for the approval. In that mean time, when I entered Malaysian Immigration Officer did not allow me to enter Malaysia and chopped Not To Land (NTL) Stamp in my passport. Is that possible can I take new visa as my visa already expired and can enter Malaysia again?

I have to come Malaysia then only I can able to submit certain documents for company approval. Last time I visited Malaysia in October 2015. Can I re-enter Malaysia now even though I have NTL stamp in Passport? I have all documents to show I have a company in Malaysia. Also I need to start the business soon because of visa problem I was not able to start business soon. Indian can get only one year Multiple entry with maximum 30 days for each entry. We don't have any business visa for Malaysia.

Can anyone help for how I have to proceed further to enter Malaysia. Any one can help me resolving my problem?
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