Malaysian husband having problem getting Visa for Thai wife

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asked on Mar 21, 2016 at 17:22
by   Zeia
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As a Malaysian, sometimes I really feel wanna slap those person in immigration (against some worker only...not all).

I, a Malaysian, just want to follow a correct and legal way to get a Visa for my wife. That's all. Why so hard?

This is my story. Hope some of friends here can guide me a little bit.

Finally I been married with my girlfriend from Thailand on 20 January 2016. After a month I when to the Immigration at Shah Alam to apply the Visa for my wife.

Reach there, the information counter ask me just go to the express counter (forgot counter name, 1 fast something).

At the express counter, I was told that the Visa is valid for 3 months only and charge is RM650.00. After 3 months need to apply again and just pay RM150.00 (may be an extension I assume). BUT this Visa NONE multiple entry type, once departure, the Visa is considered dead, need to reapply again which costs RM650.00 again.

So I told the officer (very good person), I can't because my wife needs to go back to Thailand to visit her parents there. So the officer advised me, in this case better NOT to apply this type of Visa, if not will waste my money. I was advised to just go back to Thailand on and off to have the passport chopped, after 6 months from my date of married just go straight to the normal Visa department to apply multiple entry Visa. The officer mention married less than 6 month cannot apply.

Then I asked the officer, in this way will my wife face any problem when going through the border. I worried the officer there will ask lots of questions. So this officer (good person) said normally there will be no problem and told me to just tell them my situation here and what she said and show the marriage certificate, they usually will let go. Well, I'm very happy to get her advised.

Yesterday, 20 March 2016, I returned to Malaysia from Hat Yai with my wife. Firstly, it's time the Immigration border in Kayu Hitam should be upgraded. Following is my conversation between me and the officer (#######) there when he was checking my wife's passport:

Me : Tuan ada apa masalah tak?

Imm : You husband dia? Mana Visa? Mengapa tak apply?

Me : Ada Tuan, saya pergi tu Shah Alam punya Immigration, officer kata Visa itu bukan multiple entry punya, kalau saya keluar, Visa akan mati...(I not yet to finish speaking and he interrupted)

Imm : Mana ada, siapa cakap? Mana document? Mana? Kata ada apply mana document? You orange dulu tak register, register tak apply Visa. Sudah kahwin berapa bulan dan keluar masuk berapa kali ni? Mana boleh macam ni? (his face is just so LCLY, then turning his head to ask another officer bla bla bla...)

Imm : OK, ini macam saya bagi you chop 14 hari sahaja.

Me : Ah...Tuan, saya faham kena apply visa tetapi tu Shah Alam kata...(he interrupted me again)

Imm : You ada dengar officer tu cakap? Dia boss saya. Dia kata 1 minggu, sekarang saya bagi you 2 kalau mahu, you pergi apply Visa dalam 2 minggu, OK. Pergi.

Me : I am totally speechless with rage...(in my heart OS : really feel like punching his ####ing face)

My apologies for such a long post. Hope you guys understand my feeling. So, I'm totally blur...

- Should I apply for the 3 month Visa?
- Should I just continue on and off again? But my wife's passport has been chopped need to depart on 02 April 2016.

I just hope to follow the legal way as a Malaysian. Why is their standard so conflicting? or am I too stupid to understand.

Please if someone done Visa for spouse recently in Shah Alam...or familiar with the procedures, please give me some tips.
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answered on Aug 11, 2017 at 16:29
by   Leon
I believe it should be irrelevant as the marriage was first done in Thailand, of course if you are referring to Muslim I believe there are extra steps required to be done. Just head to M'sia embassy to verify the steps for marriage and they will happily to help you.
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answered on Aug 11, 2017 at 17:17
by   Tanavaroot
edited Aug 11, 2017 at 18:36
by   Tanavaroot
Islamic Marriages in Southern Thailand
Malaysian Amorous Men who is taking 2,3,4 wives in Thailand, do be aware that Malaysia do not  recognized those islamic marriages conducted in the following southern states of Thailand.
1. Nakhon_Si_Thammarat_Province
2. Phatthalung_Province
3. Songkhla_Province
4. Pattani_Province
5. Yala_Province
6. Narathiwat_Province

For the marriages to be valid in Malaysia, the couple have to do a Re-registration according to Malaysian Islamic Principles inside Malaysia. For Muslim man marrying a non-muslim woman, it is allowed with no restriction to the couple. But, a child born to the interfaith marriage, will attained Thai citizenship, have Thai name with the religion following the Thai mother.

Marriage between foreigners and Thai women in Thailand is not only legal but common. Many foreigners come to Thailand hoping to find someone, and often find themselves embroiled in divorce cases because the quickie marriage went sour.

 Thailand's Constitution of 2007 under CHAPTER III: RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES OF THE THAI PEOPLE ..... The Constitution is the supreme law of the State.  For child custody it automatically goes to the Thai mother. All assets, bank accounts and passport of the foreigner will be compounded till the conclusion of the Divorce case which is often initiated by the thai spouse mainly due to cultural differences, So.. BE AWARE.
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