Regarding Debt Collection Agents

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One of my friend told me his experience with a debt collection agent in Sri Rampai... regarding car loan. Not very serious only few months not paid, as he did not have serious financial difficulty at that time. The agent went to his rented house to 'buat kacau' (make trouble). Since he is staying in the same area... so what he did was go back to their office and scold them loudly there. I guess he was not at home when the debt collector visited him. He said the debt collector visited his house and behaved like gangster and was rude, so he did the same thing at their office! Scold them loudly! Haha... Well, debt collectors are also human being, they also feel scared. They also don't like people to make troubles with them. After that the debt collectors never visit my friend anymore.

Just couldn't understand why banks recruit those debt collection agencies. Banks should be professional in terms of law... not that kind of "unprofessional"... like Ah Long. They can take legal action but not to make people scary and 'malu' (shame). They should respect people or talk to debtors nicely, not raise up their voice to let everybody know. I'm owing money to bank too and don't have money to pay. I did not cheat their whole family or 'rompak' (rob) or 'curi' (steal). I really expect to be respected and have low profile even though I'm owing... that's the reason we go to bank for loan and not Ah long!

If that happens to me, I will first ask them show their IC and prepare my handphone to record their conversation... or just meet up at police station... if they threaten me I will make a police report saying I am being threaten and every time they come I will continue making reports till they feel boring... of course I know they might not show me their IC but if I have their company name and address, I will still go and make a police report.

I think the government should really take action against those debt collection agencies... like news we always read in newspaper was Ah long making troubles at homes and many of them seek help from MCA... but why not the debt collection agency?

Well our Prime Minister did say that he wants to improve the living of Malaysian by increasing salary but in my opinion, they should help those that have serious debt first... many Malaysians having serious debt problems and many of them live in a scary and fearful life being disturbed by debt collectors. In the future many people will also have mental problem due to stress. Increasing salary does not help much as nowadays graduates can also easily apply for credit cards and the problem is no limitation on the number of credit cards they can have, for sure very fast they will face financial problems. Should our government limit the number of cards that can be hold... maybe only 2 or 3 cards each person and increase the annual income to maybe RM36,000 or RM40,000 and above per annum to be qualified to hold a credit card and only can hold 2 or 3 cards maximum.

Can our government help those who really in serious debt now like forcing bank to give discount and reduce the outstanding amount of the debt if they pay back in the time period offer by banks? 50%?

Should all Malaysian that have serious debt protest or write letter to Prime Minister to gain his special attention regarding those debt collection agencies? No more debt collection agency please!!!!!!!
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