Can I be sued in Court by banks for credit card debts after 10 years? Can the banks freeze my bank and EPF accounts?

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asked on Apr 17, 2010 at 20:10
by   jane
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I am so curious to find the solutions to my problems and so happy that finally I found the right forum to talk about it, hope notalawyer can advise me on these issues:

Back in 1999, I had 3 credit cards and due to me losing my job a year later, I haven't paid those debts until just recently in April 2010, 2 of the 3 banks called demanding payment. I know they are from debt collectors but they claim they are the banks' legal department. I checked with in CTOS, only 1 bank issued summons in year 2001.

1. After 10 years, do I still need to pay to the bank that has blacklisted me with CTOS?

The amount stated was RM2830 as appeared in CTOS report year 2001, and in April 2010 the collector called informing the amount to date is already RM31,000. They demanded me to pay RM500 as initial payment and I did pay and promised to call back (after 1st cheque payment has been cleared in their system) to discuss ways for me to settle the outstanding. However, after 2 weeks no return calls from the debt agency. Should I ignore or should I continue paying them since they have blacklisted me. Do I have the rights to settle only up to 6 years total debt? If I choose not to pay them, can they make me a bankrupt now the outstanding has reach more than RM30,000?

The other 2 banks did not issue any summons, however one of the banks harassed me up to Human resource personnel asking my contact number and therefore:

2. Should I pay their demand even though no summons issued yet? Does the LIMITATION ACT apply to my case?

3. Can they sue me after 10 years or demand payments from me after 10 years?

4. Can the bank declares me a bankrupt at this stage even though no summons issued after 10 years?

5. Can they take any court actions after 10 years?

6. Will these debts collectors OR banks able to freeze my bank account, property or my EPF (KWSP)? Should I be able to withdraw my EPF once I reach the age of 55 even though I don't settle all these debts?

7. Will the Immigration Department decline to renew my passport?

8. Can banks decline my NEW loan applications with these old record (summon not settled as appeared in CTOS 10 years ago)?

Please help me clarify. I'm 100% SURE all these calls were NOT made from the Bank STAFF as the way they talk like AH LONG, there is no way the bank staff will talk rudely as they know WE can always make a complaint to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).
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