Bankruptcy Notice..Maybank block/freeze account.

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asked on Feb 25, 2010 at 17:35
by   sli2009
Dear all forumers,

i just realize recently my maybank account has been blocked/freeze. upon checking with them, they said, they saw a bankruptcy notice against me published in the news blocked my account. so, right now i cannot withdraw my salary and pay my other financial obligation even my maybank credit card..stupid maybank. i have called their so-called liabilities/legal department and sought clarification. i've argued that there is no legal right for the banks to block/freeze somebody account unless there is a court order to confirm that the person is a bankrupt. they said, it is under 1 clause in bankruptcy act allows then to do that. anybody aware of this??? if maybank do this, they will not resolve the problem as their credit card also, i cannot pay...

any experience from you guys out there? what should i do now? appreciate advise from you all. Thanks.
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