Process/steps in opening file with JIM

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asked on Jan 24, 2010 at 03:09
by   Jane1963
I noticed Ms Eunice is interested knowing how when opening a file with JIM. Hope this might help.

My husband was one of the victim in 90s economic crisis. We hv a long list of creditors. So don't worry too much. I noticed his bankruptcy ref no in HIgh Court dated 2003. But JIM file ref is 2006. I guess it took 3 years to reach that stage. However, if you fight, it might takes longer. Good Luck.

My husband was asked to sign SURAT PENGAKUAN that we will get back to JIM in 14 days. Then the Statement of Affairs form to fill up at home. Completed the form and we bring along our bank latest stmts & bank books (we were prepared years ago, so most acts are lesser than rm50). Also SNPs which the properties are in NPL, credit card stmts & all other creditors stmts. Photocopied to pass to JIM.

Got back to JIM office. The Official Assignee (the person in charge of our file) checked thru. Everything ok. Then we were asked to bring the Statement of Affairs to Commissioneer For Oaths to certified.

You might want to check with yr OA if you need to bring along money coz when u get back to them in 14 days, most probably you will be ask to pay for 1st installment.

However, my husband has to go overseas for work. There will be another long story. Let me know if anyone interested. Be glad to share.
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