recive a letter from legal team

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asked on Dec 31, 2009 at 22:18
by   adoii
hi guys,
really need your help notalawer or anyone.i got this legal team letter today regarding my credit card.after taking your advise asking them not to bother me they have manage to trace my where abouts.wonder how.the letter goes something like this

amout overdue rm42,222.33

we been officially appointed by united oversea bank to act on their behalf
according to our client you have an outstanding despite numerous attempt to collect the same from such we urge you to seriouslylook into this matter and resolve the above outstanding as soon as possible.

kindly contact the officer in charge and/or schedule an appoitment to our office to discuss this issue.itt would also in your best interest to resolve this matter immediately to prevent further financial charges being levied on you.take note that failling to respond within 7 days,our field officers may need to pay you a visit

what should i do?

my due ammount was before at rm4057.thats was like more then 7 years ago.
pls tell me what to do
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