WSS problem..they came to my house to list my property!

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asked on Dec 3, 2009 at 13:03
by   Anonymous
yesterday 3 people came to my house and brought a some sort of "seal notice with 3 pages" and letter i recognised as "distress warrant" from malaysia court dated 02 dec 2009 at 9, not let this people to get inside..
they dismissed and said that they will come again with police personnel.

what should i do?

i have credit card debt from a bank according to the "seal notice" RM 5k++..back to 2005 i presented to the court in KL ready to pay monthly but none action taken by the legal firm.but now they came with this matter..

can somebody help me..with good steps to guide confused.

thanks in advance.
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answered on Nov 28, 2010 at 11:57
by   emrans
dear sir.
i having the same situation to. in 24/11/2010 3 ppl was came to my house and he said he lawyer from the court at my area and give me a patition like a court warrant summon some like that.
he want me to give permission him to check the things inside the house to list.
he already list about 9 item like sofa,table sofa,table of six chair,tv,washing machine and ais box to the value the get about rm2500 if the make auction.
he give until 9/12/2010 to settel the debt from my cc ambank about 12k if not the things that he was listing it will be auction. he already ask me to go h.q jalan pudu ambank hq to discuss the debt.but the true is i cant pay the debt of cc any more, i have 5 cc about 50k debt if combined. no one card is reach 30k but the highest almost maybe 24k only.
what should i do now is it true they will auction my houses things?? i really confuse
and worried, because this are important things if they take out i have to by again and in this situation i not have any money to by....please help me what should i do...
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answered on Nov 28, 2010 at 18:46
by   Jane1963

Sorry to hear about problem. May I suggest that you find a way to check whether that document is the really 'court warrant'. If not, make a police report. Or even complaint to Bank Negara. Do something asap rather than to wait for them to come again.
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answered on Nov 29, 2010 at 12:33
by   suzy
The same thing happened to our family.
One indian guy came to our gate and say he is from the Shah Alam court.
We suspect he is a debt collector pretending to be from the mahkamah.
We did not open the door for him.
My husband told us to close all the windows and go upstairs and play the TV loudly and ignore him.

After a while, he left.  Nothing happened ever since.  That was more than 1 year ago.
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answered on Nov 29, 2010 at 19:53
by   emrans
in that case u didnt give him go inside ur home but in my case i already invite him to come and see the thing inside and take a list...
he said if we not give permision to do so they will brake the door because he already have latter 'writ penyitaan dan penjualan'.
what i have to do ...
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answered on Nov 30, 2010 at 01:30
by   romeo

U shud prepare a list of all your house things and their value and print out nicely with computer.
When they come, give them the list so they dun need to waste time.
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answered on Dec 7, 2010 at 05:07
by   emrans
ohh.. all my friend please i need a very strong support from everyone..
the guys ho come to my house was come back and give me the notis for lelong of my hosehold inside folow the list that he was taken some other time previously...
come guy please i need advice they will run the lelong at my area i think in front of my house maybe in 9/12/10 at 2:30pm. are they people are very serious to do the lelong or not please ho have any info abuot this let me no urgently or some people ho have the experiance about the law or lawyer please tell me the truth..i dont now howe to handle this kind of sitution...
when i asked him how they to lelong he never give the answer he said they job is only send the notis just all.
the answer is make me feel worried maximum.
are the bank have any power to lelong at home are they???
i feel very2 me sir or madem....
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answered on Dec 8, 2010 at 16:54
by   LoyerBrook
For Your Own Security & Safety!!! Keep your Door Lock!

People coming to your house claiming that they are: Debts Collectors, Bank Loan Officers, Lawyers, Officers from the Court etc... EVENTHOUGH they show their FAKE Identification Cards. DO NOT OPEN your Door!!

If you Suspect anyone of them, you have the Right NOT TO OPEN your Door! If they Break your Door, DO NOT WAIT, IMMEDIATELY call the Police.

You can tell them to send the Documents by REGISTERED POST to you!

Deal everything Directly with the Creditor's Office, Bank's and Court's Office. Tell them Not to Waste YOUR Time and Their Time.
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answered on Dec 8, 2010 at 20:18
by   faqs
Come on dude...if he ever break ur house or grill...than make a police report...send them to need to be shame if that person is really from court...
nothing to be shame of...lots of people r in trouble like this
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answered on Nov 17, 2017 at 17:18
by   jeff
Hi guys , 

i have all the forum messages , today , i got call from a lady , she verify all my details , 
and saying got wss case under my name. she continued at 2 pm officers will come and listing the house holds. Im no more staying there. that is my parents house . she gave me wss case and contact number. 
i havent call them , due im working so will call them in a while , just wanted to confirm are they real ?
i have dept at my credit card and i talk one one the dept collector to paid by monthly. and they agreed ,sent a doc to sign vie email , i have sign it and sent back . then i have email , as per agreement i need to pay monthly . and things settle , if i paid monthly.  just started last month . now i dont know why they sent wss case on me ?
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