Summon for hearing in this coming tuesday( 24/11) pls help

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asked on Nov 22, 2009 at 00:46
by   Worry And Scare

Good evening sir.

I was retrench due to the Global Crisis last year. Since then, I lost my high income job and using my saving fund to support myself and my wife.
I owe credit card debt from several banks more than 150K. They(Banks and their debt collectors) has been harassing me to pay them money. I did do so till I really running out of saving.

Now, I and my wife are car sale consultants and with a basic income of RM 500. the commission is up and down. We read your thread and find out that as long as the my debt with the bank is not exceeding RM 30k, I will not be sued for bankruptcy. Therefore, I was very release.

Until today, I went back to home town and received two summon letter- Alliance bank (sum owed RM 12208.80) and
Standard Chartered Bank (Sum Owed RM 16563.71). I am very worry now. Their hearing date is 24 nov and 30 dec.

I dont know what to do!The hearing is in this coming TuesdayCan you pls help me?

1) what is the procedure of hearing?
2) What should I say?
3) After the  hearing what will be happening?
4) Since I dun know anything can i defend my self?
5) The summon also include a letter like for me to fill up such as::-
a) I agree that I owe them this amount of money and I offer to pay them with installment of RM XXX and started from (date) 2009, What should i be  
b) My current job?
C) My total Income? since my comission is not fixed so how?
d) I have how many dependant
e) My Rental
f) My monthly installment of other expenses is....? what should i write?

I am so sorry that I need to trouble you. Your answer will be highly appreciated. Thanks
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