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asked on Nov 14, 2009 at 23:36
by   pensioner
I am now 63 years and i was adjudicated a bankrupt in late 1998.In Nov 1999, my employment was terminated due to this pecuniary embarassment.Since then,i have been unemployed due to this status. I have since withdrawn my EPF but since my children was studying,most of my funds went towards their maintenance and right now i am living from hand to mouth,so to speak. I have no property, no income or assets but solely living on the income of my wife's earning, which is not much.
My question is:
1. I was never being called by JIM to do any declaration of income and assets.
2. It has been more or less 11 years,now, what can i do to get myself discharged ?
3. Will JIM penalise me for not declaring anything since i never receive any notification
   from them on the declaration of whatever ?
4. My outstanding debt is more or less than RM 30K. This was in 1998 but since the law changed
   in 2003, what is the effect and implication ? My last drawn salary was retained due to the   
   settlement with LHDN.
I seek your pertinent advice on the matter and thank you.
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