UOB Credit Card and Warrant of Arrest (WOA)

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asked on Oct 31, 2013 at 18:45
by   wilson
edited on Mar 21, 2018 at 02:08
I did own a UOB credit card last year. My card limit was RM3,000. I lost my job and can't afford to pay my credit card debt.

During the past 12 months, my work was not stable, and most of the jobs were low pay. I just manage to survive with the salary thus I can't afford to pay a cent to UOB.

A lady named Ms N*, claimed to be from UOB Collection Department called my dad to ask my location and my detail and contact. I am not staying with my parents. Maybe my dad was trying to protect me so he did not pass my information to her and told her that if she wants to take legal action just go ahead.

Last few days, Ms N* called again and told my dad that 'Waran Tangkap' (Warrant of Arrest WOA) has already been issued and that police went to my office to look for me but they can't find me.

There are 2 reasons they can't find me. 1st, I had already quit my old job in September. 2nd, the office that they went to is the old office for the company since the company had moved to new place.

So my dad was shocked because of the 'Waran Tangkap' and called me to screw me up. I got Ms N*'s contact and called her right away. I told her I am Wilson and need to get all the relevant info from her. I forgot to ask her full name and the company she was from. She said my total debt now is RM6,000++ and by paying RM5,000, the case can be settled and the 'Waran Tangkap' can be revoked. I told her that I don't have that much money and my family members can't help me either as they are also having financial problems. I tried to ask for payment by installment and her direct answer was that was not possible. She kept saying 'Waran Tangkap' was already issued and the polis are looking for me since I did not attend the court hearing last few months. I gave her my latest contact number and she said the police will call me to get me. I said no problem and I am will surrender myself to police station if they call me.

After that I called my friend who advised me to seek help from AKPK. I called AKPK and got the info I needed and decided to go to AKPK.

Today, 31 October 2013, Ms N* called again to confirm whether I can pay the RM5,000 today. I told her cannot, no money. Then she said she'll pass my case to their lawyer to proceed with issuance of 'Waran Tangkap'. I told her that I already decided to get help from AKPK and she told me that AKPK will not be able to help because my case has already been submitted to the court and all the information can be obtained from the internet. I asked her which law or 'undang-undang' that they can issue the 'Waran Tangkap' against me, she said she dunno and asked me to call their lawyer to get more information on this. She gave me the number 03-2031 998*.

So for me, what should I do now? By read all the past posts from the site, some say ignore them while some say pay them. I am now worried of the 'Waran Tangkap' and the disturbance to my family.
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answered on Oct 31, 2013 at 19:11
by   vkpc
Ask for her address so you can go to her office and let her "tangkap" you.
Problem solved when you find the truth that there is no Waran Tangkap.
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answered on Oct 31, 2013 at 19:19
by   wilson
edited Mar 21, 2018 at 02:17
When I read all the post from others, I wonder are they using Judgement Debtor Summons on me? If I do not attend the court, 'waran tangkap' will be issue?

I think I failed to attend the court hearing because I do not stay with my parents anymore and if there were letters sent to my parents' home, they will not open or understand the content of such letters.
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answered on May 27, 2014 at 03:50
by   Aloha
edited Mar 21, 2018 at 02:19

I believe the person you mentioned just now Ms N* is a manager from UOB Credit Control Department. She is the person in charge in that department, can say is the boss la. So, for your case, once they filed the Judgment Debtor Summons (JDS) & successfully served on you, then you have to attend the court by the date given there. If you failed do attend, will automatically proceed with WOA (warrant of arrest). Then next time, the court people with police will go to your house to bring you to the court. They want to make sure you attend for the second time.
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answered on May 28, 2014 at 15:21
by   bankali
Since UOB is so hi handed, people should be careful about UOB offers. If can, we protest against UOB.
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