Credit card debts

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asked on Aug 3, 2009 at 07:23
by   kate
I have a collective debts of RM35K from 5 credit cards and 2 personal loans from 5 different banks. Can banks collectively join together to sue me under bankruptcy?

I also lost my job due to this economic downturn and am not able to make the payments to the bank for my credit cards and loans (RM2500 per month). I have already informed the banks but the customer service personnel who calls me almost everyday does not seem to get it and says that i need to make the payment somehow or rather but i do not have any means to do so. How can i ask them to freeze or wait until i get another job. I am jobless for 2 months already. I have always been a prompt paymaster for 3 YEARS and this is really unbearable.

The other thing is whether i can negotiate a fixed amount to pay to the #### banks so that the interest do not rise. i have stopped charging my card altogether.
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