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asked on Sep 19, 2013 at 04:59
by   Nana
Hai,I have a foreigner friends from USA working as engineer.
Self employee ,he get a cheque $ 3 million ringgit. He went to the bank to withdraw the money but the bank say he had to wait 72 hrs and he also have to make a tax clearance .
After he made the tax clearance but they ask him to pay for the 16% of the $3 millions is about $500k ringgit then he can get the copy of the tax clearance letter. But the bank don't allow him to take the $ 3 million ringgit unless he proceed the copy of tax clearance letter. Can you help me to answer my this questions because I'm very confuse about it.How come the bank can hold the money and not allow him to withdraw unless he pay first for the tax clearance and want to see the letter first! Please help me because it doesn't make
sense right
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