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asked on Jan 27, 2016 at 01:51
by   Milo
Haish.. I've tried so hard to keep my credit zero.. And I did a stupid emotional mistake by being a guarantor for my sister  She took a loan with BSN, not able to pay, and now the bank make her bankrupt. She had been under Insolvency program early of last year. Stupid enough for not knowing about the bankruptcy world, I didn’t ask one question: "What happened to me now?". Until early this month, where I realized my bank accounts (Maybank and HSBC)  was frozen. Seems like BSN had given the Notice of Bankruptcy on me. I didn’t attend the court session (because I don’t know about it). My sister apparently hide all those letters that was addressed to me. No words to describe. Put feeling aside, now I am really at the end of my wit. I need help to guide me what should I do next. Here what I already did:
1) Sent appeal letter to Maybank to unfreeze the account. Maybank said need letter from BSN.
2) BSN said they are doing some paperwork. Do not know what paperwork. Then their DMRS manager said they don’t produce letter.
3) Maybank said if they get an email from BSN, they will unfreeze the account.
4) BSN refuse to send email and keep on mentioning they are not responsible for other bank to freeze the account because they didn’t ask the bank to do so.
5) Went to Bank Negara to ask advise. Basically the lady just said "Go to Insolvensi. We cannot do anything. Pity you, so young already bankcrupt". (Seriously, what the hell?)
6) Went to Insolvency and the lady asked to do Carian. My status is "Not Bankrupt".
7) Wrote a proposal to settle to BSN on the debt that I didn’t even use.
8) Sent the Insolvency result to Maybank, they still said cannot unfreeze.

What should I do now? I have payments that I need to pay at the end of the month. My primary account is frozen. I don’t even know where my salary should go as I cannot ask Insolvency permission to let the bank unfreeze my account because basically I am not a bankrupt. I am sooooo lost  Please any knowledgeable lawyers help me. Should I:
1) Do Carian in the Court?
        2) Contact BSN lawyer?
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