harrassed by bank

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asked on Aug 29, 2015 at 21:12
by   kunta kinti
Dear jeff005,
A few days ago, a representative from a legal firm visited the company I am working for.
He wanted to hand over a bankruptcy notice to me (after he told me he is representing xxx bank).
I told him that he made a mistake, I did not owe any bank money. So I refuse to accept the notice. I insist that he should leave or I have to ask security's help.
He talked a lot of threatening things before leaving.

My fact:
I actually owed.
They already have default judgement few years ago (credit cards debt above 30k).

My questions for your advice:
1. Can I refuse to accept notice as above, if they come again?
2. What tactic I have if my intention is to trouble them in their effort to bankrupt me? I wanted thebank to pay highest price in trying to bankrupt me.

I have prepared well enough since many years ago for life after bankrupt, so I am not worry. Fyi.
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