Can I be sue in court for RM148.45?

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asked on May 14, 2011 at 16:44
by   miracle
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Can I be charged in court for owing U Moblie RM148.45 and be made to pay for their lawyer fees on this. I have already closed my U Mobile account in May last year 2010 when my 2 years contract with them ended.

And in July 2010 I received a letter stating that I still own them RM75-55. After that I received a few calls stating that I own them RM148.45. I ask them to send me a statement or ask their account department to call me to explain the bill concern. Then they stop calling me again until last week I received another call, I think this time from their bill collector company. Again I asked to be given statement or their account department to call me. She insisted that I should go personally to their head office in Berjaya Times Square. I was very angry and told her that why should I go to them when they are the one who wants the money.

Yesterday I received a letter from CTIC Corporation Sdn Bhd sending a lawyer letter to Tetuan Axxx Hxxxxxx & Co. to start taking legal actions against me if within 10 days i did not make an appeal and they will charge me the lawyer fees also.

My questions is, is this possible? Do I have to pay for their lawyer fees if I lost?
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