Consumer Tribunal Award: Biased government department PO

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asked on Jul 10, 2015 at 05:11
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My consumer tribunal award was awarded last September. Until now the defendant has failed to abide by my award and thankfully my case has been brought to the magistrate's court by the KPDNKK (Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives and Consumerism).

Today's hearing was the 2nd one, with the 1st being post phone due to absence of defendant's CEO. Today's hearing, defendant was supposed to do 'serahan dokumen'. However, I'm shocked when the KPDNKK PO immediately asked for postponement in his first line of sentence to the magistrate, quoting that the defendant lawyer came in late for the hearing, so he couldn't get to meet the lawyer earlier for discussion. The magistrate expressed surprise and said she doesn't see the reason why, since defendant lawyer was present in both hearings. But she allowed the postponement anyhow.

My query is, has anyone being the 'pengadu', encounter biased government department PO before? His biasedness could be due to reasons which I don't wish to speak out as I have no proof but am sure people understand what I mean? I can't be represented by a lawyer anymore at this stage. How will a biased PO affect my case? May I seek the advise of any law experts here? Many thanks in advance!
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