Received cert of posting without receiving writ

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asked on Jun 4, 2015 at 05:48
by   alanlkadaniel
Today, i received cert of posting from lawyer firm and request me to attend Kl Magistrate Court.
The firm represents alrahji bank. Since this is my first time of receiving this letter, i searched and found out that once receiving the cert of posting. it will request me to pay total loan amount.
so my questions are:
1. is it possible to pay the pending instead of total amount? as last time the employee of the bank came and asked me to pay the pending and there is 3 months pending. i promised to pay 1 month within 10 days and 1 more month in end of month and i did it as the pending is one month.

2. Must i pay the lawyer fee for the firm that represents the bank?

p.s they did called me many times but i didn't answer for since i'm working and answering call is not allowed as hp is not with me as well until i get off work.

3. i never received the monthly statement from them. the last letter i received from the bank is loan contract.

please help...thanks.

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