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asked on May 26, 2015 at 19:46
by   sdw2010
Dear Lawyerment,

Good day. To cut short. way back to 2012, i failed my business, owing 2 major banks the commercial loan totalling RM450K, plus 3 more banks on personal loan and cards for about RM80K. After much negotiation, to no avail. Something that i realised it's part of the life that i need to give up and let go, rather than keep struggling myself in the dark !

I have relinquished my 1/2 share on our joint-name house, paid the bank, then refinanced it to other bank to safeguard our home, now it is under my wife sole name (I suppose my 1/2 share obligation is given out, later OA will not come after my house); Transferred my car ownership as well to wife 6 months ago. Now i have totally no more personal asset in hand. Having a stable job. Boss know my situation and promised if later i'm adjudged a bankrupt, i still can work with him, in view of my top performance.

Now the first bank's legal action has already reached CP stage, which i just received by hand; High Court Hearing date 23rd June. Another bank litigation is until Judgement Debtors Summons. Now i would like to ask,

1) Any way i can prolong the legal suits case ?
2) Can i file an Affidavit to transfer the file to PJ Court which is nearer to my work place ?
3) My house should be safeguarded ? As the redemption which to settle my portion already paid to that bank prior to their legal suit began, and the bank has discharged the house, then only my wife refinanced it with another bank, under her sole name now. Will later OA comes after my house ? I guess will not right ? just need to assure this ? as that is our only shelter for my family with 2 kids.
4) Any other things that i have overlooked which i can prepare before the "Judgement Day" ?

Thanks very much for taking your time to read my message. Im now very calm over this situation, when things are beyond your control and cant be changed, the only way is you face it and accept it (after learning from reading William Chan's book).
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