Streamyx Debt: TM kept charging and refused to cancel my service after 2 years contract?

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asked on Apr 12, 2013 at 15:49
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I've applied for StreamyX service about 7 years ago. Due to some financial crisis, I wasn't able to pay for the monthly charges. I understand that the contract was only for 2 years but TM kept on billing me until the amount came up to RM7,000. I made few request to stop the payment since its already 2 years but they said I cant stop the service until I make a full payment. I've also made several report to apply for discount but I did not receive any feedback from them.

Now I received a lawyer letter from a company claiming to file a law suit if I don't pay up the sum.

** Just note when I signed the contract I was only 16.  I don't know how am I able to apply it on the first place but I don't have the hard copy with me anymore.

** I tried to get the statement but they just gave me the sum and only the recent 2 years statement. I wanted to get the previous year statements to prove I was underage thou.

I don't mind paying the 2 years but currently I am taking my degree course so I don't have sufficient income yet... any opinion?

By the way I only used the service for a week or 2. And is it possible that I'll be blacklisted?
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answered on Apr 12, 2013 at 20:52
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It all depends on the terms and conditions of the Streamyx package you signed up with TM. Did you have your service termination requests written (send by registered mail or email messages to their billing department) to back up your case? If none, you have no prove. They have the right to bill you. You can perhaps ask them to waive a certain amount from the total balance during full settlement. Always remember that record keeping and written communication are vital.

On another note, according to the recent T&C of TM, a customer means a natural person other than a minor... whereby the age of minority in Malaysia is 18 years of age. All contracts entered by a minor is void. For a void contract, a minor cannot be sued or sue with some exceptions where a minor can enter into a valid contract e.g. insurance, scholarships, marriage etc. You can contact the lawyer firm and TM to find out their opinion of your situation. Send follow up letters. You can then decide how to proceed from there.

By the way I only used the service for a week or 2. And is it possible that I'll be blacklisted?
You will be blacklisted by telecommunication companies in Malaysia as they have an information sharing system. Banks will have certain 'links' to check your records with the telecommunication companies.
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answered on Aug 10, 2016 at 13:11
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And is it possible that I'll be blacklisted?
Don't just ignore your debt with TM because information about your debt will show up in your CTOS credit report. You'll have trouble getting loans in the future.

If you have unresolved complaint with TM, redress your complaint at the Consumer Forum Malaysia (CFM), which is a unit of Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC):
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