What's the impact of bankruptcy? Can bank reject AKPK proposal?

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asked on Apr 7, 2015 at 15:13
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Currently I undergoing the bankruptcy process with Bank X due to hire purchase. I tried my best to find ways to avoid bankruptcy with some proposal which I need some advice and miracle ideas from this group. I would much appreciate that.

I had a house (2 owners, me and my mom) which also loan under the same Bank X. I have paid up and transferred the ownership to my mom and my brother 8 months ago, which my mom has fully paid with her and my brother's money.

My questions is as below:

1. What would be the impact to this house if I am being adjudged a bankrupt?
2. What is the impact to my spouse and children's if I am a bankrupt?

Here's my scenario:

Car: NAZA Ria 2.5cc Special Edition

- 1st case for 'tuntutan baki pinjaman.'
I attended the court case and requested the court to auction the car (which at the moment I have surrendered for volunteer repossession) and I told the judge that I would pay the balance.
- Penghakiman (Judgment) on the date was, defendant 'perlu bayar tuntutan Affin Bank.'

I found out that the car which has a value of RM40,000 was auction under value of RM8,000, which I did not receive any Schedule 4 or 5.

I have made complaint to Bank Negara, and I wrote several emails. According to Affin Bank, the car was auctioned under value due to:

1) Part of the engine missing and the engine is not the same as in the grant.
2) Gear box missing.
3) Computer board missing.

I made a police report that "Suspect of Kes Jenayah" under the advice of the Bank Negara Officer.

Got the "Laporan Siasatan." They found "Tiada Kes Jenayah" in other word, there are no items missing from the car. Police recommended me to files a civil suit against Affin Bank.

Case hearing "Di hadapan Timbalan Pendaftar."
I have requested for time to prepare some document, next case hearing on 20-04-2015.

Went to AKPK and seek help there. Since the Creditor's Petition (CP) is fully served (according to the bank), AKPK has put me under "Metric 2" (proposal for those case under legal proceeding, mainly bankruptcy) said I had 50% / 50% chance only on this matter. Where bank can reject AKPK proposal.

I have been told by AKPK officer that I will only get the reply from the bank after 21 days.
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answered on Apr 8, 2015 at 14:01
edited Aug 24, 2016 at 05:04
Another question is:

An advice from the Agensi Kaunseling & Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) officer that, if I would get the AKPC help on this then he told me that I would have complication to file a civil suit against the Affin Bank.

He said, the plaintiff lawyer would try to strike-out my civil case by saying, "I enter into the AKPK program, where I have accepted the claimed amount from the bank to pay the installment and on other hand I file case against the bank which seems I did not agree the amount claimed by the bank, which seems to contradict."

Please advice.
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answered on Apr 13, 2015 at 01:18
edited Aug 24, 2016 at 03:08
Any advice how to transfer my case from Melaka to KL.
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answered on Apr 13, 2015 at 01:29
edited Aug 24, 2016 at 03:08
From what was posted by one forumer, attend the case first in Melaka, them apply for transfer with valid reasons.
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answered on Apr 13, 2015 at 12:22
edited Aug 24, 2016 at 03:09
2. Have you file a civil suit against that bank?
I would like to but finance is my constraint to hire a lawyer. Cost me about RM 6,000.

You don't need a lawyer to file a lawsuit.
Prepare your Write and Statement of Claims and post it here for checking. (copy from this forum).
File the writ in KL.
You can use this Writ as an excuse to delay your bankruptcy proceedings and also as an excuse to transfer the bankruptcy proceedings to KL.
Do not delay.
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answered on Apr 13, 2015 at 17:53
edited Aug 24, 2016 at 03:14
Sorry, I do not remember the exact figures as my PC damaged in the recent thunderstorm. Hard disk gone.

I recalled you were made a Judgement Debtor 2 or 3 years ago for RM52,000 and you voluntary sent the car back. You have valued it at RM40,000. In the statement of claim (SOC) from the bank there was no indication that there is a RM8,000 being offset. So mathematically there is no way the amount would have exceed the RM30,000 bankruptcy limit within this period of time.

If you do not fight your this case, you would be made a bankrupt for no good reason at all.

Mr. notalawyer has open a lifeline for you.. made very good use of this golden opportunity. Please follow his instructions carefully. It is way beyond my scope of knowledge and I wish you good luck.
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answered on Apr 15, 2015 at 14:16
edited Aug 24, 2016 at 05:15
Thank you very much for your kind guidance. Appreciate your guide till the end of this struggle.

Yes, in 3-10-2011, in the "Sessions Court", I was made 'Judgement Debtor' without my car auction value included, even though, I already returned the car to the bank before the date.
Later in the stage of bankruptcy in the Magistrate court, the amount of RM8,900 was included in the statement of claim (SOC) and new claimed amount was shown.

@notalawyer and forumers
Please advice, I already start drafting the "Statement of Claim". It already up to 3 pages already. Need some advice:

1. Should the SOC be written points of the scenario to the time of the action and the amount we claim? or it direct to the amount of the claim we seek for from the bank?
2. Can I add those bank staffs who involve thought-out the case as defendants 2, 3 and so on ?

P.S. I understand the time is near since the next hearing in front of the 'timbalan pendaftar' is 20 April 2015. Since I have applied for the AKPK, I can request for another 3 weeks to 1 month at lease I guess. Since AKPK told me they need 3 weeks from 6th April 2015 for the bank to reply my proposal.
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answered on Apr 16, 2015 at 19:00
edited Aug 24, 2016 at 05:20
@notalawyer and forumers

I post my Statement of Claim (SOC) draft, please advice.

Tarikh : 16 April 2015

Muruxxxxx .... ---------------------------------------------------------PLAINTIF
Xxxxx xxxxx BERHAD
(NO. SYARIKAT: 25046-T) ------------------------------------------------DEFENDEN

1. Defenden ialah sebuah bank berlesen yang di daftarkan di Malaysia di xxx xxxxx xxxx Melaka darul azim.

2.Defendan mempunyai alamat penyampaian yang terakhir di no. xxxxx xxxx dan xxxxx xxxxxxx

3.Diatas permohonan Plantif, Defendent ada menawarkan “Hire Purchase Loan” pada xx-xxxx-2005 kepada Defendant sebanyak RM 85,000

4. Melalui Surat Perjanjian Sewa Beli yang bertarikh 05.04.2005 (selepas ini dirujuk sebagai "Perjanjian tersebut") di antara Defenden (pada masa material dikenali sebagai Affin-ACF Finance Berhad) dengan Plantif, Plantif bersetuju menerima menyewa-beli daripada Defendent sebuah kenderaan Naza Ria dengan No. Injin K5-096903 No. Chasis MZMUP7523EGOO4958, nombor enjin : K5-096903 dan No. Pendaftaran MBD 3443 (selepas ini dirujuk sebagai "kenderaan tersebut”).

5. Pada xxxxx Kenderan tersebut mengalami kerosakan pada enjin dan telah diantar kepada “Naza Service Center” di Melaka untuk dibaiki, setelah mendapat enjin Kenderaan tersebut, megalami kerosakan di sebabkan “Manufacturing Defect”. Maka pihak NAZA Service Center telah menukarkan satu enjin baru dan Plantif telah memohon “Surat Pendaftaran Kederaan” daripada Defenden untuk dikemaskini nombor enjin baru melalui NAZA Service Center melalui “WARRENTY”.

6.Pada Oktober 2008, Plantif hilang kerja dan mula membayar ansuran melalui wang simpanan sehingga mendapat kerja baru.

7. Pada 02.06.2009 Plantif telah menandatangani satu perjanjian Tambahan bertarikh 02.06.2009 (selepas ini dirujuk sebagai perjanjian Tambahan tersebut) dimana baki jumlah sewa beli telahpun disusun semula untuk pembayaran. Plantif telah bersetuju untuk membayar baki harga sewa-beli keseluruhan RM61,190.89 dalam tempoh bayaran ansuran iaitu jumlah sebanyak RM725.0O sebulan untuk 107 bulan dan satu bayaran akhir sebanyak RM688.1.4 pada atau sebelum setiap 02 haribulan bermula dari O2.O7.2OO9.

8. Pada xxxxx, skali lagi ‘kenderaan tersebut’ telah menghalami kerosakan enjin, sama seperti dahulu,“manufacturing defect”. Maka Plantif telah memfilekan kes keatas “NAZA Service Center” melalui “Mahkahmah Pengguna, Melaka” untuk meminta Naza Service Center membaiki atupun mengantikan enjin.

9. Pada xxxxx, Plantif gagal dalam kes Mahkahmah Pengguna kerana tamat “WARRANTY”, maka Plantif telah menghantar Kenderaan tersebut ke bengkel kereta xxxxxxx di malim, Melaka. Setelah dianggarkan kos membaiki sebanyak RM3, 000, maka Plantif telah membatalkan niat untuk membaiki kederaan tersebut kerana pada masa itu Plantif tiada pekerja.

10. Pada 04.08.2011, Plantif menghantar surat “Request of voluntary repossession vehicle No: MBD3443” kepada Defenden. Maka En.xxxxxx (selepas ini dirujuk sebagai "Defenden kedua") dari pihak Defenden telah datang dengan lori tundah untuk mengambil Kenderaan tersebut. Di sebabkan ada baki bayaran kepada pihak bengkel melalui surat Plantif, (bayaran untuk kerja membaiki) maka Defenden kedua telah memberitahu Plantif yang Kenderaan tersebut akan di tundah oleh belia selepas mendapat arahan daripada ketuanya, Pada masa itu “lori tundah” telah pulang selepas memdapat arahan dari Defenden kedua. Selepas dalam 1 jam, Defendant kedua telah memberitahu Plantif yang Defenden tidak akan membayar tunggakan Plantif kepada pihak “bengkel”. Plantif bersetuju dengan Defendant kedua. Untuk menunda kenderaan tersebut tanpa bayaran kepada benkel. Defenden kedua meminta saya boleh pulang dulu sehingga beliau menunggu lori tundah. Maka Plantif telah beredar dari bengkel tersebut.

11. Pada 13.09.2011, Plantif menerima saman dari Defenden untuk hadir pada 3.10.2011, jam 9.00pagi ke mahkamah seysen Melaka untuk mendengar kes saman No. 52-1416-09. Defendan menuntu Plantif untuk membayar hutang sebanyak RM54.028.68 setakat 18.8.2011. Plantif telah memberitahu Mahkamah yang Plantif setuju dengan tuntuan Defendant tetapi selepas ditolak harta lelong kenderaan tersebut yang telah Plantif pulangkan pada 04.08.2011. Kes ditangguh oleh Mahkamah selepas pihak pegguam Defendant ingin dapatkan arahan lanjut dari Defenden. Maka perintah dikeluarkan oleh Mahkamah Sekyen untuk Plantif membayar baki hutang Plantif kepada Defenden.

12. Selepas itu saya telah menghubungi Pn. xxxxx (selepas ini dirujuk sebagai "Defenden ketiga") untuk mengetahui status kenderaan tersebut and meminta untuk melihat kenderaan tersebut yang pada masa itu dibawah jagaan defendant. Defendant ketiga telah memberitahu Plantif yang kenderaan tersebut belum di lelong and meminta Plantif menunggu arahan atau notice lelong dari Defenden.

13. Pada 24.11.2011, Plantif menerima “Permohonan Pemula” dari Defendant untuk hadir the kamar timbalan pendaftar di mahkamah Majistrat, Melaka pada 13.12.2011, jam 9.00 pagi. Kandungan writ saman tertulis kenderaan tersebut telah di lelong and meminta Plantif membayar baki hutangnya. Plantif telah berjumpa dengan Defendant ketiga untuk mengetahui kenapa Jadual keempat, kelima dan tidak menghantar notice kepada Plantif ? juga menanyakan harga lelong kenderaan tersebut. Defendant ketiga hanyak menyatakan bahawa Plantif perlu dapatkan pegguam untuk mengetahui jawapan kepada soalan Plantif.

14. Pada, Plantif telah membuat aduan kepada Bank Negara Malaysia tentang tindakan Defendant melelong Kenderaan tersebut tanpa memberitahu Plantif tentang kandungan lelong juga harga lelongan sebenar.

15. Pada 19.06.2013, atas nasihat pegawai Bank Negara Malaysia, Plantif telah menghantar email bertajuk “Seek clarification of my repossessed car value of RM9,000” kepada Defenden. Plantif menayakan, harga ditetapkan, masa lelongan dan kenapa dilelong dengan harga rendah kenderaan tersebut.

16.Defenden telah membalas email Plantif dan menyatakan anggaran harga yang ditetapkan pada kenderaan tersebut ialah sebanyak RM 8,000. Defendan telah mengatakan bahawa harga lelongan pada kenderaan tersebut ini disebabkan, Kenderaan tersebut dalam keadaan yang teruk. Banyak barang-barang hilang. Tiada aircond, Engin tidak sama dengan pendaftaran JPJ, aircond tiada dan gear box hilang.

17. Pada 5.07.2013, Plantif membalas email Defendant bertarik 3.07.2013, untuk menyangkal email Defenden. Plantif telah menghantar surat “Dispute on Car Parts missing”.

18. Pada 15.08.2013, atas nasihat Pegawai Bank Negara, Plantif telah membuat satu laburan “kes Jenayah” tentang barang-barang yang hilang dari kenderaan tersebut di balai polis, Malam.

19. Pada 23.10.2014, pihak polis telah selesai siasatan “Kes Jenayah” dan mendapati, “tidak sebarang perlakuan berunsur jenayah yang dilakukan” dan “ Defenden tidak melaborkan sebarang kehilangan barang dari kenderaan tersebut”.

20. Oleh yang demikian , plaintif memohon penghakiman terhadap Defendan untuk:-
(a) Jumlah wang sebanyak RM40,000 (angaran nilai kenderaan tersebut, semasa dipulangan kepada defenden tanpa sebarang bahagianpun hilang);
(b) Caj 2% dari jumlah RM40,000 dari bulan ogos.2011 sehingga ke tarikh penyelesaian sepenuhnya.
(c) fee guaman sebanyak Rm600 sehingga tarikh memfailkan saman dan;
(d) kos tindakan dan;
(e) lain lain relif yang di anggap adil oleh makhamah ini.

Bertarikh 16 Apr 2015
Peguam cara Plaintif.
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answered on Apr 16, 2015 at 19:48
edited Aug 24, 2016 at 05:21
Looks okay to me but I have no experience on this type of things. Some minor spelling mistakes. A lawyer help you on this? Isn't 2% a bit low?

Time is short. Better file by tomorrow early morning once Mr. notalawyer has commented.
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answered on Apr 16, 2015 at 19:55
edited Aug 24, 2016 at 05:22
Why don't you value the car at RM45,000 or RM50,000 and let the bank fight and prove on market value?
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answered on Apr 16, 2015 at 22:31
edited Aug 24, 2016 at 05:24
Note taken. Yes, why not.. This time let them prove otherwise. During my insurance renewal at the time the insurance company had estimated my car value at RM55,000.

This Statement of Claim (SOC) I have drafted my own with some internet reference, I highly depend to members on this forum without all of your guidance and expertise help.. I don't think I this is possible. Spelling, I will correct back, sorry for that. You know too long did not use much Bahasa Malaysia. Let me Sharpen the Saw.

Please comment.
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