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Understanding Hospital Negligence Claims
If you have been affected by medical accidents or negligence, it is important to understand the compensation system, what a claim will involve, and what you can expect to get out of it.
What you need to know when starting a Car Accident Claim
Statistics from the Department of Transport reveal that in 2016, more than 25,000 people received serious injuries from involvement in car accidents. Here are five simple tips to follow in the event of an accident.
Defence in Cybercrimes Cases in UK
There are various cybercrimes one can be convicted for in the UK, and in order to know what the punishments are, it is necessary to see which these are. The most popular one is phishing because it is also the easiest to commit. Phishing implies...
Why CCTV Installation for Work and Home is Essential
CCTV or Security Cameras are a must have in most businesses and homes. You don't have to live in a high crime area to warrant a CCTV system since they can be used for many different reasons, not just crime prevention.
Why Digital Marketing is Crucial For a Business's Success
The time has come where pretty much everything has shifted course from analogue to digital Every single day, people are seen consuming more and more digital data on their laptops, their mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets and more

Corporate Counsel Conference 2018
Spotting and Overcoming Disruptive Trends in the Legal Landscape
Date:10 & 11 April 2018
Venue:InterContinental Kuala Lumpur
Hosted By : Malaysian Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA)

1.     AORO
2.     doctrine of stare decisis
3.     stare decisis
4.     Miranda warning
5.     tenancy in common
6.     minimum contacts
7.     adjudication order
8.     pari passu
9.     abscond
10.     lex domicilii