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What is Pain and Suffering Compensation?
Whenever someone suffers an accident or personal injury, they are eligible for different kinds of compensation. Most are self-evident, like money to cover their medical bills or any lost wages due to their not being able to work. However, one that...
Child Custody 101: How to Improve Your Chances Of Winning Custody
When a married couple doesn't get along well and file for divorce, the hardest part is not only dividing the assets they acquired between themselves but also making sure that your child can cope with the stress. Deciding who gets to keep the child..
Can You Beat a DUI?
A DUI charge is a serious one, not to mention a potentially dangerous one. That is why you should be safe and avoid getting behind the wheel even if you have only had a few drinks and believe you are safe to drive. Nevertheless, we all make...
What is business law and its importance?
Laws give everyone living in that country a guideline as to how to act in a manner that will be acceptable by society as a whole. Otherwise, conflicts between communities and social groups would be a daily occurrence. Many facets of the law help...
Hurt In A Truck Accident? What You Need To Consider Legally
Typically, getting involved in a truck accident can be a horrible experience. It can be a scary thing that can happen to someone like you or your loved ones. Since trucks are heavier than the usual cars, accidents involving these types of vehicles...

1.     precedent
2.     AORO
3.     stare decisis
4.     adjudication order
5.     Miranda warning
6.     lex patriae
7.     appellant
8.     parol evidence rule
9.     culpability
10.     circumstantial evidence