Knowledge Base Issues
  • What is ecotourism? What are the benefits of ecotourism?
    Ask any foreign visitor to Malaysia and it's likely that the first thing they would describe are the rain forests, tigers, orang-utans or proboscis monkeys. Year after year, such natural assets...
  • How to Save Water at Home
    Water your plants in the early mornings or late evenings because low wind speed during these times helps cut done on evaporation. Thus less water is needed. Place trays at the bottom of potted...
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  • What are the simple ways to go green?
    Start off small. Being environmentally friendly is not really difficult, but it does take some motivation to make changes in your life style. The best thing is to get together with some friends or...
  • Are you computer Green?
    Up to 70% of computers and related equipments are left on all the time - even though they're used infrequently. By turning off office equipment when you're not using it, you can save up to 90% of...

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