Buying and Selling a House (House Ownership)

Knowledge Base Issues
  • Selling a House in Malaysia
    1. REDEMPTION If, at the time of sale, the house is still charged or assigned to a bank of financial institution for the loan granted to assist the purchase of the same, a redemption statement...
  • Buying a House in Malaysia: Part II
    4. DOCUMENTATION AND PROCEDURES All purchases direct from housing developers must use the Schedule G (for purchases of houses) or the Schedule H (for purchases of apartment respectively of the...
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  • Real Property Gains Tax
    Capital gains are generally not subject to tax in Malaysia. Real Property Gains Tax is charged on gains arising from the disposal of real property situated in Malaysia or of interest, options or...
  • Buying a House in Malaysia: Part I
    1. ELIGIBILITY All Malaysian citizens are free to purchase houses within Malaysia save for low-cost houses which can be applied for through the relevant land offices or registries based on the...

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