If I am married abroad, will my marriage be recognised in Malaysia? Can I register my overseas marriage in Malaysia when I return? What are the documents needed? Advertisement  
Recognition of a marriage which took place outside Malaysia under foreign local law would be recognised as valid here provided that:
  • the marriage complied with the law of the country where it took place and the couple had the legal capacity to marry under their laws of domicile

  • either of the couple is a citizen or is domiciled in Malaysia and the couple have the capacity to marry according to the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 of Malaysia

  • the marriage is registered with the Registrar of Marriages (ROM) of Malaysia in Malaysia or the Malaysian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate abroad within six (6) months from the date of such marriage.

In order to register the foreign marriage in Malaysia, you must:
  • produce to the Registrar,

    • original Certificate of Marriage [1]

    • any other satisfactory evidence of marriage such as photographs, wedding invitation card and statutory declaration;

    • one (1) coloured passport-size photo (32mm x 38mm) of both parties to the marriage; and

    • original and one (1) photocopy of National Identity Card (for citizen of Malaysia) or Passport (for non-citizen) of both parties to the marriage

  • submit form JPN.KC06 and affirm the declaration in it.

You will have to remit a payment of RM20.00 for processing.

Both parties must be present at the said registration unless there exists a good and sufficient reason for the absence of one party.

If you failed to register your foreign marriage with the Registrar of Marriages in Malaysia or abroad within six (6) months after the date of such marriage, you will have to pay a penalty of RM100.00 for first year and RM50.00 for subsequent year upon application to the Registrar.

  1. ^ Where your Marriage Certificate is not in English, you may need to organise a literal translation of the document. You should obtain a list of certified translators from your country's Embassy in Malaysia. Official translation can also be carried out by the Malaysian High Court for a minimal fee. Your translated document must be then be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia (Kementerian Luar Negeri, Malaysia) and endorsed by your country's Embassy in Malaysia.

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