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  • What are the duties and responsibilities of a current accountholder?
    Some of your duties and responsibilities as an accountholder are: Keep your account numbers confidential and keep your account statements in a safe and secure place Safeguard and keep confidential...
  • What types of current account are available in Malaysia?
    As an individual, you can open the following current accounts: Personal current account under your name; or Joint current account which is operated by you jointly with others, e.g. Any one of the...
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  • What should I do if I found that some cheques missing from my cheque book?
    You should report this to your bank immediately and request for stop payment on these cheques. You will be charged a stop cheque fee. Bank service fees are different - typically between RM10.00 to...
  • How do I use a current account?
    You can start using your current account once it is approved by your bank. Withdrawals from your account (subject to the available balance in the account) can be made either through cheques or ATM...
  • How do I close my current account?
    Give a written instruction to the bank to close the account and return all unused cheque leaves to the bank for cancellation. In addition, if you have issued any cheque which has not been cleared,...
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